Rich Rodriguez to Finally Pay $4 Million Buyout to WVU

michelle wvsportslinkContributor IJuly 9, 2008

A settlement has finally been reached in the WVU lawsuit against former coach rodthefraud, the liar and traitor of West Virginia University, Rich Rodriguez, that calls for him or someone on his behalf, such as his scum lawyers or Rita the gold-digging wife, to pay the entire four million dollars.

Tom Flaherty stated, “We’ve got a tentative settlement.”  It was reached just before midnight last night if approved by the WVU BOG.

Rich Rodriguez left WVU last December for the head coaching job at Michigan but fought the provision in his contract that called for him to pay $4 million in damages.  This caused the WVU fans to scream foul as he also screwed them over after promising to be with West Virginia University to retirement.

Rodriguez said he had been defrauded by West Virginia and tricked into signing his new contract last August by the staff and Garrison, but WVU argued that rodthefraud Rodriguez knew what he was signing.

Two nights ago a break came with a face to face meeting between reps of WVU and Rich Rodriguez.  Talks continued yesterday, and the two sides reached an agreement just before midnight last night.

Tom Flaherty says he’ll release more details about that settlement once he gives details to the WVU BOG.  He said the agreement sets up a timetable for payment.  The deal also specifies how much Rodriguez will pay and how much will be paid by others on behalf of Rodriguez.

It's about time this is finally resolved with the new football season on its way.  The West Virginia University fans have clearly moved on and are anxious to be rid of this rothefraud once and for all.

What would really make it great is if that traitor would finally apologize to the WVU fans.  But then again, who cares what he has to say—after all he is a liar, a fake, and a plain out jerk.

One thing which made the settlement come fast was the pressure brought by WVU to depose Michigan President Sue Coleman and Athletic Director Bill Martin.  There was a hearing scheduled in Michigan this afternoon on WVU’s attempts to force the two to testify under oath about what they knew about the hiring of Rodriguez and the buyout clause in the contract with WVU.

Seems to me they had something to hide—they sure did cave in quick!

Rich Rodriguez did understand the buyout; he is not an idiot.  He negotiated with Michigan to help with the payment.  He knew what was going down all along, yet the lowlife strung West Virginia University along with him.  Michigan’s release of documents reportedly showed Michigan agreed to help pay the buyout.

So it's done and over with once and for all.

Better days are just around the corner for WVU, and this nightmare has finally come to an end.