The Nature Of It All: Leach, Video, and Texas Tech

Alli MContributor IMarch 12, 2010

Leach was spotted in downtown Lubbock Friday, March 12, 2010.  This the pirates' first round of testifying under oath about the events that lead up to his firing as Texas Tech's head coach in December of 2009.  (see Mike Leach To Return to Lubbock...)

Most of this is old news right?  Not really.

Leach's legal team has requested that Frenship ISD hand over documentation that includes the enrollment of the Tuberville children.  The Leach Team is wondering if Texas Tech started the enrollment process before or during firing of the Captain.  

If, and only if, that particular form of premeditation can be proved, it will only solidify Leach's case against Texas Tech.  This has happened before.   Garold Myers traveled down to Florida to recruit Bobby Knight, before he fired James Dickey as head coach of the Red Raider Men's Basketball team.  Knight was hired BEFORE Dickey was fired. Even though, under Coach Dickey the Men's Basketball program was under investigation for several violations since 1990,  the way Myers handled the situation was not technically correct.  

Video has arisen on ESPN "showing" Leach's temper: "Berating Players".  After watching this video myself, I have concluded that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE VIDEO collage.  But there are three main events that happen in this video:

1)  Leach curses

2)  Threatens Living Situations

3)  Miss-uses a Bible Verse

So who cares?  ESPN surprise there.  


1) Leach cursing: What football coach doesn't curse?  Coaches are cursing on the high school level.  These kids are adults in college. Who cares if  the coach is cursing.  My professors curse in class. What is the difference?


 2) Threatens Living Situations: A good number of these players live in a student apartment complex called U-Lofts.  Rent for a simple one bedroom apartment is $750 per month plus utilities.  And renting prices for apartment complexes are rising per year.  Yes, location is great, but its not that great of an apartment complex and way over priced for what is available in Lubbock.  A person can live in Tech Terrace with a two bedroom rent house for 700$ per month plus utilities.  Coach Leach has every right to complain that they are paying too much for spoiled students who don't have to pay for their living situations.  I have to pay. That is why I work 40 hour weeks with a 12 hour school schedule.

3) Miss-uses a Bible Verse: Lubbock is in the middle of West Texas, a very very religious Bible thumping community.  This can anger students and he should not have even brought it up if it cannot be used in the right context.  But this is Leach, he rarely keeps anything in context.


So?  ESPN needs to get off the Craig James band wagon and start reporting accuracy.  But that would be against their nature too.