Is RB Justin Fargas The Right Man For the Job?

Dan Pennwyn@@WeBleedingGreenCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - 2009:  Justin Fargas of the Oakland Raiders poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Oakland, California.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
NFL Photos/Getty Images

Oakland Raiders RB Justin Fargas is at the NovaCare Complex meeting with the head coaches of the Philadelphia Eagles and when I began reading the small article on the Eagles website my initial thought was, is Fargas the right guy to fill the void that was left by Westbrook's departure. I know LeSean McCoy is projected to be the starter in his second season in the league but if he goes down is Fargas up to the task of being the every down starter?

The 8 year veteran had an so-so season in 2009 in a limited role. On 129 attempts Fargas gained 491 yards (3.8 avg) for 3 touchdowns and also notched 17 receptions for 113 yards (6.6 avg) 0 touchdowns in that department, Fargas also had 1 fumble. There were initially reported at the beginning of free agency a few teams such as KC, Browns, 49ers and the Eagles were interested in his services but as the cooling of free agency begun the hype around the visits disappeared.

If the Eagles can get Fargas for a season or two at a low contract value there is some upside to Fargas and at age 30 I couldn't see them signing him to anything longer than a 2 year deal at best. They'll probably give him the "Weaver treatment" and bring him in for a year to see what kind of contribution he can provide to the team. The Eagles could then couple him with Weaver in the guiding of McCoy and also become a more physical running team on short yardage situations.

His matchup with the Eagles proved to be his best game in 2009 when he had 23 rushing attempts that resulted in 87 yards rushing (3.8 avg). Could this possibly be why the Eagles are looking at him, we've seen the Giants sign A. Rolle and he beat the Giants in the 2009 season with a game winning INT late in the fourth this the trend to try and sign players who had their best games against the team they are either currently signed by or are being looked at by? Heres another question, by bringing in all these 2nd tier players such as DB Marlin Jackson, WR Chad Hall who the Eagles signed on Thursday and BREAKING NEWS: 11:40 am, The Eagles have also just moments ago Re-signed WR Hank Baskett to a one year deal, is this going to be a "Line" happy draft. Will Eagles fans see an abundance of O-line and D-line players being drafted in 2010?

I may get alot of people that disagree but I don't think the Eagles should offer a contract to Fargas. He's at that age when the Eagles start becoming weary of a player and in my opinion Fargas has already had his best days of football. If the Eagles looking to bring someone in to help "coach" McCoy along I don't think Fargas is the right guy to do me crazy!