No. 4 Overall Prospect Brandon Knight Might Be Kentucky Bound

DeAnte MitchellCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2010

Earlier this year, I acknowledged Brandon Knight as college basketball’s next big thing . Now he is onto his college decision and attracting a ton of media attention as well. Along with Knight, Josh Shelby has yet to make his college decision either.

College prep star Brandon Knight is listed as one of the better prospects in this upcoming recruiting class. According to multiple sources, Knight is more Kentucky bound versus everyone else.

The 6’4’’ guard from Pine Crest has waited all year for his decision. Now that March Madness has come around, he embraced the chance to witness some scenarios in which he fits in. Obviously, Miami was not one of them. Not too long ago, Knight dropped Miami from his shortlist and added Syracuse.

Now the teams that are out to recruit Knight looks something like this: KU, UConn, Syracuse, Kentucky, and Florida.

According to multiple web sources, Knights’ parents have expressed interest in John Calipari’s Kentucky program. Their reasoning was simple. Calipari over the years has proven that he can develop guards into future NBA stars. He conducted it two years ago with Derrick Rose, just last year with Tyreke Evans, conceivably this year with John Wall, and has the chance to do the same with Brandon Knight.

Knight has captured so much over his basketball career. Being tabbed as the No. 4 overall prospect was not easy—it took hard work.

Knight has dealt with adversity throughout his career as a basketball player. Many speculate he is not a true point guard, but what does he do? He goes out and works on his passing and adds bulk, turning into an all-around basketball player.

While paying attention to tons of film on Knight, I noticed him, Evans, and Rose all shared similar qualities coming into Calipari’s arms. First off, none of them was a true point guard; all of them did one thing more often than others and that was score. Second, all have tremendous athletic ability. Each player possessed either a spin move, behind the back dribble, shaking the defender, or some kind of flashy move that took the air out of the gym. Third, all three possessed a strong mid-range game.

Nowadays, most athletes are taking it to the rim more efficiently, but when presented with the shot they shall take it. Same here; the three stayed in attack-mode throughout every game of their career and when it came to the mid-range game they would always knock it down.

This is an amazing feat to be compared to the former Calipari stars that just happen to be NBA superstars at the moment.

So with that to think about, what would Knight to Calipari establish?

Knight is a tremendous talent with so much potential that has not even been reached yet. Calipari is known for getting the most out of players, and Knight to Kentucky would only be profitable to the prep star.

Working with Calipari, Knight could excel his game to maximum points. Not to mention, John Wall is possibly going pro which opens the point guard position for Knight. Think of this, Knight along with Eric Bledsoe in Kentucky’s backcourt next year—exciting right?

However, no one is locked to acquire the No. 4 overall prep star. Knight has declared his interest in staying local, although doesn’t eliminate going away. This is a decision that many are waiting for, and in my eyes his top three choices have to be Syracuse, UK, and KU.