WWE NXT 1.0: New Show, Old Ratings, Three Questions

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WWE NXT 1.0: New Show, Old Ratings, Three Questions
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With the last two weeks dropping in ratings on NXT, I wanted to take a bit of time to examine three areas of WWE NXT that have not been readily discussed and leave them for debate in the Bleacher Report community.

1. Why did it require a new show?

Putting over new talent of course is key for the business, but why not have mentors on Raw and Smackdown? Think about it, the faces would mentor because they're good guys and that's what good guys do and the heels would be punished by having to mentor a rookie.

It would make for the same interesting scenarios as on the show, but legitimize the rookies faster. Also, it certainly gives WWE midcard talent something to do.

2. What's the character motivation for the pros?

So there's pros and there's rookies. We know the motivation of the rookies; they want a WWE contract. But why are the pros subjecting themselves to this as there's no kayfabe reason for them to be there.

This is especially troubling when considering the heels (Jericho, Regal, and especially CM Punk). Really, what reason was there? Why, if we look at their characters, would they engage in this?

3. Doesn't this whole concept feel a little lazy?

There was a lot of speculation in the wrestling community considering what would replace ECW. We were promised the next "evolution" in sports entertainment. What we received feels like a wrestling version of MTV's "The Real World."

Oh C.M. Punk, how will you ever get along with that ca-razy partying rookie of yours? A regular "Odd Couple." Thanks creative.

The storylines are not the only portion that feels uninspired. Here's how that fateful meeting with SyFy went:

SyFy Executive: ECW ratings are down. Now we want to meddle with your product.

WWE Creative Stooge: Ummm, well, uh, reality shows are popular.

SFE: Will it have lazers?

WWECS: No, but it will be like a kayfabe version of "Tough Enough" and we'll put in just as little effort as we did with late ECW.

SFE: I like it, but make sure one of the rookies looks like the Human Torch.

Even after getting ECW's time slot (they're not establishing wrestling at that time) and getting a gracious push on all WWE programming (something that ECW would have murdered for), NXT doing late ECW-esque numbers.

If this is the next "evolution" in sports entertainment, then call me a caveman, because I don't want to evolve.

Are you a wrestling caveman or ready to "evolve"? Let's discuss.

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