Why Tom Clements Gets My Vote as Green Bay Packers MVP

Dustin TrowbridgeContributor IMarch 12, 2010

Tom Clements? Well, maybe not for Most Valuable Player; however, Most Valuable Person may be in order.

With the sudden rise of Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, surprisingly Clements is still buried on the back of the thank you card.

Clements has been Green Bay's quarterbacks coach for the past four seasons, including Rodgers' first two as a starter . Rodgers threw for over 4,000 yards and accounted for over 30 touchdowns in each of them, while earning his first Pro Bowl bid this last year.

Now Rodgers deserves any and all credit that he receives. However, having Clements as a coach couldn't have hurt. Clements is credited with 17 years of coaching experience and over 12 years as a successful quarterback. He was a seven-time All-Star in the CFL and was even an All-American at Notre Dame.

This experience could've only helped Rodgers to excel in some of the most important areas in being an NFL quarterback, including a career third down QB rating of over 119 and no career interceptions in the red zone.

With the new age of the NFL moving towards more five-WR sets and chucking it all over the field, Clements will soon become a hot commodity—or maybe he already has. During this current offseason, the Chicago Bears requested an interview with Clements for their offensive coordinator position. Packers coach Mike McCarthy wisely denied the request .

With offseason head coach rumors usually associated with LB coach Winston Moss, Clements may be the next one to go. The Packers would be wise to keep Rodgers under the wing of Clements if they want to bring another title to Titletown.