Sean Gallagher: Worth the Trade?

Johnny GreenCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2008

Hi, my name is Sean Patrick Gallagher.  I'm 6'2", 235 lbs. and I'm from Boston, Massachusetts.  I play baseball for a living and I am a right handed pitcher. 

I've worked in relief before, but I prefer to start.  Recently, I've gained some infamy. The Chicago Cubs, the team that drafted me in the 12th round of 2004, traded me to the Oakland A's.  I already know that many A's fan don't care for me, simply because I'm replacing an ace they came to love, Rich Harden.

I know popularity comes and goes in baseball and I know it'll take time to win over the fans.  But I want to speak my mind, and get something out here.  Give me a chance. 

I'm only 22-years-old, my debut was only last June and I've only made 10 starts at the major league level.  Could it be that I'm just beginning to scratch the surface of my potential?  Could it be that Lou Piniella was right, when he told me I need to learn to "waste" my breaking pitches by throwing them out of the strike zone?

Maybe I'm venting for no reason, but every write-up I see about the trade throws me in the mud.  I get it, Cubs fans don't want me hurting their chances, learning on the fly. 

It's the same reason Rich Hill got kicked out so early. Guy makes two bad starts and it's a national crisis.  Look, Cubs fans will always have their passion, and their high expectations.  I just need some time to develop.

Another thing that irks me are some of the writers here on B/R.  Do you watch baseball?  Or is all your information based on bitter disappointment because you didn't win your fantasy league? 

Do you get your information from other sportswriters?  Are you spoon-fed by your teams' announcers?  If you know something about the game, write about it. 

Otherwise, leave the articles that say "Sean Gallagher will never amount to anything" on your parent's counter-top, so they can post them on their fridge.  I've barely pitched 130 innings, give me some time.

Best luck to Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin and all my friends on the Chicago Cubs.  Matt Murton and I will enjoy the more relaxed environment in Oakland, and we'll enjoy starting.