Seattle Seahawks Look for Wallace's Replacement In Free Agency NOT Hass'

kyven11Contributor IMarch 11, 2010

Since the departure of Seneca Wallace, the Seahawks have shown interest in pretty much any quarterback with the potential of being traded.

The four names of interest at this point are Charlie Whitehurst, Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb, and Derek Anderson (and I wouldn’t be surprised if we start showing interest in Brady Quinn). I’m sure the interest in these players is legitimate, but just don’t be surprised if we don’t deliver these guys to the Renton facility by seaplane.

What am I saying? I’m saying that this search is clearly for a BACKUP quarterback and not for Hass’ successor.

I know many Seattle fans are calling for Matt’s head completely looking away from the disintegration of the offensive line. Trust me, when you people get his head it won’t be credited to this free agency.

This search for a QB is too… what’s the phrase …“anyone will do,” to be Matt’s replacement. “Hey Phili, we’re just calling to say wuzup, son. Oh and you might be willing to trade Kolb away, right? Oh really, you might trade Donovan too? Yea we’d be interested in him too. Why not, right? Say, you haven’t heard of any other QB’s that teams don’t want, have you? Charlie, wait spell that for me W-H-I-T-E-H-U-R-S-T. We’ll set up a meeting with him right away. Derek Anderson you say…crap. Guess we could’ve just traded Wallace straight up for him, huh? Alright, well, nice talking to you I gotta go find every other quarterback available and express interest.”

There is no way new head coach Pete Carroll would want any of those guys to be his guy, come the 2010 season. There is no way he’d want any of those guys to be his guy in 2011. No one on that list is proven except for McNabb who’s only a year younger than Hasselbeck. Carroll will seek out his prize QB who he can mold, in the draft.  Every new head coach in the NFL wants that experience of drafting his guy, molding him, and making him a star.

If I’m wrong, trust me I’ll be the first to admit how much of a dingis I am, but they won’t trade Hass away. He’s going to be the guy to help teach whichever QB Carroll drafts the ins and outs, and if Matt stays he’s the starter above any of the four/five names previously mentioned. The real question then is, when will the Hass haters have his head?

Most people speculate that Bradford will be off the board by the Seahawks first pick, and some analysts have Clausen gone too. If that’s the case I’m sure they’ll still draft a QB to groom for a possible future trade but will continue looking in next year’s draft for Carroll’s guy. I still am not sold on Clausen and just think this draft would be best used building the offensive lines and inking some playmakers preparing the way for Carroll’s guy.

I guess we’ll see what happens in about 40 days.