RAW Brand: A Change Is Necessary

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMarch 11, 2010

Hey guys I’m finally back. For a long time I have been reading reviews of the various Raw and SD tapings and have found out that people are but heaping words of praise for the latter, while the former is being heavily criticized for its rather ordinary performance.


Time has come when the Raw Brand really gears and makes few innovations to win back the positive comments it used to quite some time ago.

Now I’m not saying that it’s not improving considering the WWE is trying new things these days with the gimmick based PPV’s, but Raw has to improve its game considering that it is the flagship show, it has to live up to the standards and more importantly because the Monday night wars have restarted.

Even though TNA still has a long way to go but pressure is on Raw to perform as it is bigger and more celebrated and stands to lose more than TNA does but then when it comes to this battle, then Raw is the sole representative of the WWE and not SD.

In fact, I read on a website not so long ago that TNA has beaten RAW in terms of ratings in the UK, which bears testimony to the fact that TNA can surely be one hell of a challenge.

In this article of mine I have listed a couple of things which can help boost ratings insanely and how they can help to do so.


1. Regular General Manager

This has already been spoken about that the Guest Host gig is pathetic and is becoming one of the major offsets of Raw.

It has been heavily criticized by many people already and needs to be scrapped. I say that we bring in a GM who is either a heel or acts like a pain the ass for the top faces of the brand.

Why should it be done: It’s simple; first off, all it provides a sense of continuity to the show and also people love it when despite all odds the face comes on top.

It also makes things more interesting and makes people want to tune in again and again. It even helps cater to a new storyline, which is always welcome.


2. Split up Orton-HHH-Cena

Let's accept it: of all the all the main eventers on the Raw Brand guys like Show are mostly in the feud for the top prize for not more than a month in an year and HBK is rarely fighting for the top prize and Sheamus is not yet that big a star hence it leaves these three as the top players on the Raw brand.

Last year we had two major feuds on the Raw brand i.e. HHH-ORTON and ORTON-CENA and worst part is that we already had witnessed them earlier and in the end it got pretty monotonous.

Why should it be done: It helps for pushing new guys like Christian, Miz, Kofi to the top and helps fight the biggest problem which the Raw Brand is facing: i.e., lack of new and interesting feuds. In fact, by drafting one of them to SD, Raw can get a main eventer in return which further helps the story lines and makes things interesting.


3. Formation of a heel stable

A heel stable is always a huge asset for the company, as people love to see their top stars beating the hell out of so many bad guys and still come on top. A top stable always attracts ratings because they add a lot of hype and attract viewers.

Why should it be done: The biggest advantage is the proper utilization of stars and prevention of wasting of superstars. A Stable adds a new dimension to the show is always a source of ratings.

With DX and Legacy having been broken up a stable is necessary involving 4-5 superstars with a diva as well something like DX way back in 1997 when it was formed for the first time.


4. A long personal rivalry

A personal feud is always a huge reason to tune in and watch the show because viewers love to see two men beat the hell out off each other and make each other bleed.

Also, it should be a long rivalry ranging from 4-5 months because as the rivalry progresses things become more intense and crowd try to follow it more.

Why should it be done: People who have been complaining about the PG era and lack of extremity in the business get to see something to cheer about plus by making the matches long and making superstars bleed, it improves the match on a dramatic level.


5. Meaningful Divas Feud

For quite some time now the divas are being utilized just to consume air time in pointless 5 minute matches involving 6-8 divas it provides the nudge to tune into TNA but if we have a good storyline between 2-3 divas fighting for the Divas Title in good 10-minute matches, then the ratings will obviously increase.

The idea should be to handle the divas department like it was handled during the times of divas like Trish Stratus, Lita, etc.

Why should it be done: If well managed, the divas can be an unknown or unthought-of asset which will help draw huge viewers ratings if involved in meaningful storylines.


6. Dramatic storyline

A dramatic storyline in terms of WWE will be a kind of unexpected rivalry due to a good solid reason not yet revealed. It’s one of those things where in the entire WWE universe is shocked to see the unexpected turn of events for e.g. the storyline back in 2007 when Vince was reported have an illegitimate son or last year Matt Hardy turning on his brother, Jeff. 

Why should it be done: When things happen normally in the WWE then people don’t pay too much off attention to it but when an unexpected thing happens people are shocked to the core and will obviously tune in every week to find out how the story line is progressing.

They will continue to do so until the reason for the particular events are revealed hence ratings shoot up for sure.


7. Feud between two top midcarders

When ever a feud takes place between two superstars waiting to launch themselves into the main event scene, it is well received by the crowd.

Why should it be done: First of all, both guys would like to prove their point and in this process they perform their best. Hence the crowd gets a good and proper match which they are looking for, and secondly, it gives a fresh story line.


If RAW tries to do the aforesaid things then believe me it’s ratings will increase insanely and TNA will realize that it’s not going to be easy at all plus will prove RAW’s worth as the flagship show. Please feel free to comment.