Time For The WWE To Play a Different "Game"?

sam gContributor IMarch 11, 2010

LAS VEGAS - SEPTEMBER 18:  WWE wrestler Triple H attends the official weigh-in for boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena September 18, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two will fight at the MGM on September 19.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When you look back at the post attitude era, there are not many guys who have made as much impact on the pro wrestling world as Triple H. Sure, he gets a lot of bashing for his extended title reigns during his 2002-2004 Evolution stint and for not putting talent over (Booker T at Wrestlemania 19), even when the storylines requiered. Some even say that he wouldn’t have reached the top of the mountain if he weren’t married to Stephanie Mcmahon.

But I believe HHH happens to be one of the most vital and important superstars in the post attitude era. He has great mic skills and has more than decent in ring abilitiy. He may no longer be considered the face of the company anymore but he still has more than what it takes to put on a quality match.

Even during the PG version of WWE, he managed to work on a great and intense story while fueding for the WWE title with Randy Orton. It was a real shame that the match turned out to be a disappointment in the end.

HHH has headlined every Wrestlemania he has been a part of since returning at the Royal Rumble 2002. However, this year, he will not be a part of the main event. Instead, he’ll be taking on Sheamus. A move, which most believe is to let Sheamus become a more credible superstar. Yes, a WWE title reign may not have cemented Sheamus’s credibility in the eyes of the WWE Universe, but a clean victory over HHH will surely lend him some.

You see, I’m not really a Sheamus hater, neither am I against letting new and upcoming superstars shine in the spotlight. Personally I believe that HHH-Sheamus at Wrestlemania is not a very bad idea. The build up could have been much better though.

Wrestlemaina storylines should be about the culmination of a long time rivalry and not about two guys going at it with just a month of build up. The Undertaker-Edge match for the world title was just awesome as it’s storyline was near perfet and so was the match!

However, that is not my concern here. I just fail to see what WWE is planning to do with HHH after Wrestlemania. HBK will be gone at Wrestlemaina for sure, so DX will come to an end. HHH is totally out of the world title scene for now and it would be foolish to put him in a title fued without any build up. So where does this leave HHH?

When HHH turned face in 2006, one of the main reasons behind the move was to reunite DX. I’m a big DX fan and love to see HBK-HHH perform but I believe that HHH is a much better heel than a face. Critics may bash him for his title reigns while he was a pat of Evolution, but I believe that his title reigns were thoroughly entertaining.

He was the guy you loved to hate while he held the belt. He would do everything he could to keep the title with him.

Now, with HBK about to exit, I think it’s time for HHH to turn heel once again. I’m really looking forward to see the return of a heel HHH. A paranoid SOB who would do anything and everything to stay at the top of the mountain.

WWE would do a great job if they could somehow come up with a stable like Evolution. Legacy failed miserably to achieve anything substantial. HHH would of course be the leader with the sole aim of winning the world title.

I can see him challenging the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27.

He is a great asset for the pro wrestling business and it would be really sad to see WWE clueless as what to do with him. A heel turn for HHH would be great in my view.

 What do you think WWE should do with him?