Can Shelton Benjamin Become a World Champ?

John PaprikaContributor IMarch 10, 2010

The debate on whether Shelton Benjamin should become a world champion has been contentious. There's a large contingent that argue he should have been a champ by now due to his immense in ring talent. However, there's also another group who believe that he shouldn't due to his lack of charisma and ability to cut a promo. I'm going to give reasons why he should be considered to be a world title contender.

First off I would like to clear the air and state that I'm not a Shelton Benjamin mark. I like him and appreciate his talent but he isn't one of my current favourite wrestlers. Irrespective of this, I do indeed believe that he has what it takes to be a world champ.

I'll be the first to admit that he's lacking charisma. His character is dull and he isn't very good or engaging on the mic. However, what gives him the edge over other superstars is his in ring skills. He's without a doubt the best pure athlete in the WWE. I believe that without a doubt he is one of the, if not, the best technical wrestlers in the world today. I have to ask why this isn't enough to warrant a world title? In the past others like Bret Hart and Chris Benoit were celebrated for purely their in ring talent. Bret Hart has been one of the most successful and accomplished wrestlers of all time, being a multiple time world champ in the two most succesful promotions of all time. Benoit had also won a world title in the WWE and WCW. Like Benjamin, both weren't very charismatic, didn't have a very interesting character and also weren't great on the mic. Yet these two were celebrated, given world titles and headlined Wrestlemanias, while benjamin hasn't been given such a push. What makes him any different from these two? 

Jeff Hardy also doesn't have skills on the mic and can't cut a good promo. Yet he is recognised for his risk taking style and devil may care attitude, having several title reigns. Rey Mysterio is known for his high flying and nothing more. Batista and Goldberg are others who aren't good on the mic either but are renowned for their powerful and intimidating wrestling styles. I'm saying why aren't Shelton Benjamin's qualities enough to warrant a title run compared to the other qualities I've mentioned? Why not celebrate the technical aspect of his character?

People are always talking about how champs should be helping to put over younger talent through memorable matches. There is no doubt that Benjamin has the ability to put on quality matches to push the younger guys. He can do the same thing that Bret Hart did to make guys like Stone Cold legends.

I'm aware that WWE emphasises 'Entertainment' in its product. Entertainment doesn't have to necessarily mean that the superstars have to cut great promos and be good on the mic. Why can't clinical in ring ability be entertaining? I'm sure that his character could be tweaked or reimaged to make him more appealing. He has an interesting name and has the build of a heavyweight champ. 

To summarise, I'll be the first to admit Benjamin isn't the most exciting wrestler to watch. He isn't skilled on the mic and doesn't cut good promos either. However, he's immensely talented in the ring. Why can't this aspect of him be celebrated and allow him to be considered for a world title. Others who aren't very exciting to watch for their promo work have still been given a chance to win a world title. What makes Shelton Benjamin any different?

Readers let me know what you think. Feel free to comment.