Baron Davis: Are You Burning Yet?

K ShakranSenior Analyst IJuly 8, 2008

All over the headlines of a major newspaper, I have read the title, "Baron Davis confident he'll be playing with Elton Brand."

Hey, Baron, how's your beard doing?

Brand has agreed to sign for the Philadelphia 76ers and Corey Maggette has signed with the team you experienced the time of your life. Who's in LA-LA-land now to "help" you experience the playoffs in your home town? Nobody, at the moment!

Unless, of course, you can urge the Los Angeles Clippers' front office to save the chaos you situated yourself by searching for a potential superstar on the free agent list. Unfortunately, there is none (except Josh Smith)!

Boom Dizzle, I know you're a very stubborn player who walks with a certain swagger around the league, especially in L.A. But, you know very well that your heart lies with the Warriors.

And over in the Bay, you can walk with your swagger and beard the whole time without being embarrassed.

That being said, you are potentially the leader of a team that, by many experts, can be seen as weak! WEAK, BD.

The little plan you developed with Brand on that dull night for Warriors' fans can come back to haunt you. The signs are beginning to appear as though you've been stabbed by your "L.A. friend."

All this for money, BD? Screw money. You had your glory, leadership, excitement, and love in the Bay Area, and now it has all vanished.

"I believe that Baron Davis might blink a moment or two after tonight’s chaos–or more than a moment or two–but he will almost certainly sign the five-year, $65M deal he agreed with the Clippers a week ago and begin his new L.A. career," Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury said.

However, is there a stint of hope that you might walk back to Oracle Arena, and call the Warriors' front office for a potential come back?


If you do consider it, though, the Bay will welcome you back with open arms. However, I do not know how Mully and Nellie would treat you.

Mully, throw a five-year deal worth $55 million at B-Diddy, and see if it sticks. I'm sure it won't, though.