Has Jeff Hardy Finally Asked Too Much of His Fans?

trent mccormickContributor IMarch 10, 2010

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 18:  Wrestler Jeff Hardy attends the WWE and USA Network help U.S Marine Corp Toys for Tots Foundation event at the NBC Experience store on December 18, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Over the years Jeff Hardy has become synonymous with many things. He is known as The Legend Thriller, The Enigma, and One of the best high-fliers of all time. I, like many Jeff Hardy fans have followed him and seen him evolve over the years and overcome circumstances to get to the top. While he is known as many names, Jeff Hardy has also become synonymous with one more word, Flake.


Jeff is one of the most talented entertainers in the world and his fans have always had his back through thick and thin. I, for one, have been following him since his introduction in the WWE. Sometimes you have to realize when enough is enough. While Jeff Hardy will always remain my favorite wrestler of all time it's time to start realizing that he does make a lot of mistakes.


Fans were with Jeff when he decided to take his first hiatus from WWE. They understood that he had personal problems to get past and that being in the spotlight of WWE couldn't help. Then Jeff went to make a first run with TNA in which he no showed until he ended up out of the company soon enough. Jeff finally made his way back to the WWE and was on his way to becoming a main eventer. Fans had to deal with a second suspension from Jeff, which would put him on the shelf for two months and would cool off his main-event hopes for a few months. Finally Jeff overcame and won his first championship. Then just a few months later fans started to hear rumors that Jeff was getting ready to leave WWE again. Many fans were disappointed, but understood because it was just a break. Many fans realize that Jeff had other things he liked to do besides wrestle. Jeff finally ended up leaving WWE again in August of 2009. Days later Jeff was arrested for multiple drug charges which he has still not faced trial for. You would think that would be enough for even the strongest fan to leave, but Hardy fans stayed loyal to him.


Many believed Jeff would make his return to WWE despite his problems. He did become one of the biggest stars in the WWE and many fans were anticipating his return to the largest wrestling promotion in the world. On January 4th Jeff Hardy showed up on TNA leaving most of his fans filled with disappointment and wondering why? Many fans still held hope that it was only a one-shot deal and that he hadn't signed with TNA.


A little over a month later Jeff posted a video on YouTube which you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57T1RyzYp2I. Jeff asked his fans what they wanted him to do. Forums and comment boards lit up responding to the video. The verdict turned out with most of his fans wanting him to return to WWE, which wasn't surprising considering how successful he had became in WWE.


Jeff would later show up on his brother Matt’s video blog in which he would say he could show up anywhere. Then on March 8th Jeff showed up again on TNA Impact. Many fans were once again disappointed which can be seen through his girlfriend Beth's messages on YouTube.


Beth's Comments on Twitter: "Has anyone thought about what JEFF wants to do? What would make JEFF happy? If it upsets you that bad, just watch RAW...". Well Beth the answer is, Yes, Fans have thought about what Jeff wants. In fact it's always the fans thinking about what Jeff wants. While I am a fan of Jeff and am grateful for the moments he has gave us, I can't help but wonder. Has Jeff ever thought about what his fans want?


Jeff also can clearly see that a great portion of his fans are frustrated. He posted the following on twitter: "Your commitment...I've always been cool with you...so I ax4 you to be cool with me now." The fans have always been cool with Jeff Hardy that's not where the problem lies. Jeff have you really always been cool with us? He also posted this on twitter: "I need you my fans!...I can't do this alone!" While I will always be a fan of Jeff I can't support him here. I'm not a fan of TNA and Jeff returning to a company that has done nothing for him while the other company gave him the world is just not something that is understandable. From a fan's perspective Jeff I really hope you get all of your stuff together and can get clean and get past your drug charges. You have finally asked too much from this fan though.


You have made me question whether you really care about your fans. I hope that you do as they are always the ones who have made you successful in the past, and that's what you are planning on them doing in TNA. I for one Jeff am and always will be a huge supporter of you, but you can't expect everyone to let you slide every time you screw up. The fans you didn't listen to will be waiting for you if you ever can or decide to return to WWE.