CFL: I Suck at Predictions

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IJuly 8, 2008

Well, ladies and gentlemen, though it is going to be a long season, I think it is fair to say I was wrong about my preseason predictions.

I thought that the Roughriders and the Alouettes would both be last in their divisions at this point, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Both teams are leading their divisions with a 2-0 score!

The Alouettes looked fantastic in both of their first two games. They played well on both sides of the field, and Anthony Calvillo looked like he was 25. He was running and passing beautifully. If he keeps this up, the Alouettes will do a lot better than I originally thought.

Boy, doesn't Saskatchewan Roughrider's general manager Eric Tillman look like a genius right now? He got rid of Reggie Hunt, Fred Perry, and Kerry Joseph so we could get some cap space.

Everyone, including me, was criticizing him about these moves, and what did he say? "Well, at this time last year, I looked like a buffoon, but I ended up being a genius, didn't I?" He did, and he's doing it again.

Kerry Joseph is having a bad start to the year in Toronto, Fred Perry only has three tackles in his first two games as an Eskimo, and Reggie Hunt didn't pass his physical in Montreal and was deemed "unfit to play!"

Recent injuries may hurt the Roughriders, with Marcus Crandell going down with a hamstring injury, and DJ Flick suffering a terrible leg injury. It looks like DJ will probably be out for the year, and I don't know about Crandell.

However, not all is lost.

The Roughriders traded Ronald Flemons and a fifth round pick in 2009 to the Argos for wide receiver TJ Acree and some picks. Acree had 458 yards in 11 games last year and should be a good addition. On the quarterbacking end, Darian Durant looks like he will be a good replacement to Crandell.

Well, people, I can admit my mistakes, and it looks like I made two big ones with the Riders and the Alouettes.