Can Jeff Hardy Help TNA Survive The Monday Night Wars?

Victor JordanCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2010

First of all let me just say that with all honesty TNA got throttled Monday in ratings,even with the grand performance TNA did,they couldn't hope up to RAW(which also got a low rating as well). That being said that doesn't mean TNA should give up on trying to reach,or even come close to RAW's ratings.

Monday's iMPACT! proved that TNA is looking to up it's game,and is very serious about going to Monday Nights with WWE RAW. The one thing i'll never understand is why TNA didn't TNA book Jeff Hardy as RVD's opponent,instead of Sting(even though Sting Vs Rob Van Dam is a Pay-Per-View Blockbuster in the making). Had they booked the match TNA could have easily repeated their 1.5 rating from Jan 4th i believe,or do much better than the 1.0 they recieved.

The reason this article is about Jeff Hardy is because of his major fanbase,which he is trying to get interested in TNA even for a one time thing. Hardy posted the following on Twitter Wednesday " me my fans...I'm in an amazing place..believe in me&I refuse 2 let you down!". He also posted something along the lines of "I'm in an awesome place,trust me fans TNA is awesome".

For those aware you know Jeff Hardy has a major fan base of literally millions both casuals & usuals alike. And if TNA would do a majority of their advertisement on Jeff Hardy during the channels that WWE programming air(besides RAW for god's sake come on Spike TV),the i truly believe some will channel flip to TNA on Mondays just to watch Jeff Hardy.

Second no negativity,but many fans complained and bitched about Jeff Hardy going to TNA,but to point a fact,if you're an actual Jeff Hardy fan,or fan of any wrestler for that matter,you should be happy to watch them on any show,even if that show was a reboot of The Golden Girls.

Another Star that could help TNA in time,is Rob Van Dam. He's another Star who's fan base is just as big as Jeff Hardy's. The so called "loyal" fans of Hardy & RVD have yet to show said loyal fandom in my honest opinion,because of the Hardy/RVD fans that read the dirtsheets knew about Hardy & Van Dam being planned for March 8 then they would have watched it,and i'm sure TNA would of done better than a 1.0,Van Dam's return would have probably been the biggest draw for TNA(which coincidentally it was),and if Hardy was used before the show was pretty much over,it'd probably equal Van Dam's drawing if all of his fans watched his anticipated return.

In time i feel that Jeff Hardy & RVD fans will eventually switch over to TNA even for a few minutes. But only time,and Jeff Hardy's March 17 trial will tell if they can help TNA out or not.