Cleveland Browns: Brady Quinn on His Way Out of Cleveland?

Samuel IngroAnalyst IMarch 13, 2017

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Will the never-ending drama of the Cleveland quarterback controversy never end?

Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert have wasted no time putting their mark on the franchise. After dealing for Holmgren's former backup in Seattle, Seneca Wallace, it seemed to pave the way for Brady Quinn to be the starter in 2010.

New information however, leaked by Adam Schefter of ESPN, reveals that Cleveland may not be done just yet. Sources are now saying that underachieving first-round pick Brady Quinn may also be on his way out of town.

"QB Derek Anderson out of Cleveland, and he might not be alone. Browns have discussed dealing QB Brady Quinn with other teams," tweets Schefter.

The trio of Mike Holmgren, Eric Mangini, and Tom Heckert aren't tipping their hats as to the direction they're headed, but Quinn has been being shopped around to other teams looking to avoid the first-round quarterback drafting.

Will St. Louis opt for a cheaper Brady Quinn over Sam Bradford? Will Seattle fore-go drafting Jimmy Clausen to try and coach Brady Quinn to prominence?

Or will a dark horse candidate like Minnesota, Denver, or Arizona swing a deal bringing Cleveland's golden boy to their squad?

It's been announced that the Browns are also looking into other quarterback options, involving free agency and the draft.

If Cleveland has their eye on a draft pick, there is no room on the roster for Quinn. Mangini believes in Ratliff, and Holmgren believes in Wallace, making Quinn the odd man out.

The underlying motive here may be to silence the fan protests from the start. Mike Holmgren knows that Brady Quinn is immensely popular in the city of Cleveland, until he falls out of favor, the chants of "Bra-dy!" will continue until he's the starter.

Holmgren may be making a pre-emptive decision to clean the quarterback depth chart and start over from scratch.

Mangini and Holmgren have both brought in their former backups; will Tom Heckert be following suit next?

There has been a lot of talk of Kevin Kolb coming to Cleveland from the Philadelphia Eagles; maybe this is the trade that brings that idea to fruition.