Brad Keselowski : Don't Go Changing Just To Please Them

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Brad Keselowski : Don't Go Changing Just To Please Them
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Go get them Mr. Keselowski!

Forget about all the talk about you being too aggressive.

Next time you see #99 do the right thing and pay him back.

There should of never been a penalty for Mr. Edwards from NASCAR, it is the most hypocritical move I’ve ever seen.

The story about “the incident” has been all over the web and the mainstream media.

“The incident” was an exposure hit for the sport, you can’t buy this type of publicity.

Makes no difference if the talk is bad, good , ugly or indifferent, the media is on the story and that’s great for Nascar.

They got to be loving this.

You think!

Of course NASCAR came out with the public relation story, bla, bla, bla we will give

Mr. Edwards a three race probation.

Oh no!

Double secret probation, no TV for a day! Do I have to go to bed with no supper?

Now that’s some punishment!

You got to be kidding, a three race probation, why don't you just Tickle me with your feather!

If NASCAR really wanted to make a point they would of given Mr. Edwards a three race suspension and a hefty fine.

Can we agree on that?

Again , in my humble opinion NASCAR should have had a talk with Carl and Brad and drop it like they did with Stewart and Montoya after their Homestead race in 2009.

The ONLY difference between the Montoya-Stewart and the Keselowski-Edwards incidents is that the big K went airborne.


And as always, I’m just a fan with an opinion and I thank god everybody has one.

Enough said.


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