Texas' Will Muschamp Back on the Recruiting Trail

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Texas' Will Muschamp Back on the Recruiting Trail
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It looks like Will Muschamp's spring break is over.

After an NCAA ruling was handed down in January that severely handcuffed the recruiting abilities of those coordinators with the Head-Coach-in-Waiting title, the higher-ups have decided to delay a final ruling on the issue until the spring of 2011. 

The new legislation stated that coaches holding the title Head-Coach-in-Waiting would need to adhere to the same bylaws of recruiting as if they were the current head coach.  The head coach is limited to one off-campus visit with a high school athlete, and the visit can’t come between the dates of April 15-May 31. 

Since coordinators are limited with their schedules during the fall football season, the months of spring are a crucial time period to get out on the road to scout and select which high school athletes they covet.  

"I think they felt like this spring is where it was critical because your coordinators do not go out in the fall until the season's over," said Mack Brown in a post-practice press conference on Tuesday. 

"I think they'll make a decision, from what I am hearing, early next year and they felt like right now they didn't have enough information to go ahead and make a decision. A lot of coaches will start going out in April."

Because the final ruling was delayed on the issue, the NCAA will allow the respective coordinators from the universities that it was affecting, Muschamp and James Franklin (offensive coordinator of Maryland) to return to their recruiting areas to resume their coordinator duties.  The postponing of the rule is a temporary sigh of relief for both programs, but Brown does not intend to stand idly by.

"We'll continue to work really hard to try to get that appeal in place where there will be no change for our staff."

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