Browns Will Have A New Look At Quarterback

gary wertmanCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2010

The Cleveland Browns have finally released Derek Anderson. In a move that comes as a surprise to no one, Anderson is no longer a Cleveland Brown. After spending five years in Cleveland and with a pro bowl season in 2007, DA can best be described as inconsistent.

Newly acquired Seneca Wallace, Brady Quinn and Brett Ratliff now make up Cleveland’s quarterback roster. But for how long? Is Mike Holmgren done with his QB search or is he just beginning? Who will be the starter in 2010? Will Brady Quinn even be on the team next season? The answers to these questions will probably be revealed in the near future.

Mike Holmgren brought Wallace to Cleveland in case he can’t swing a trade for a starting quarterback. If he does, then Wallace can be a fine backup. If no trade is made, he will be the starter in all probability. If that happens, look for Cleveland to draft a QB in April.

Where does all of this leave Quinn? Probably trade bait. With Cleveland switching to the West Coast offense in 2010 and Wallace having seven years experience in the WC, I just don’t see Quinn being given the starting job. After all, Holmgren said there would be no QB competition and the starter would be established prior to training camp. Wallace has a career QB rating of 83.1 which is better than either Quinn or the departed Anderson.

Don’t count out Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert yet as far as making another trade for a starting QB. They both like Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb of the Eagles. The asking price would be pretty steep but getting a franchise QB would be worth it. While McNabb is a sure thing, Kolb is still unproven over a full season.

The draft may hold the answer but the Browns have proven many times it can be risky. Does Cleveland stay put at number seven and hope Jimmy Clausen is still there? Do they try to move up to get to Sam Bradford? Will they wait and take Dan LeFevour in the third? Or Colt McCoy?

Right now, I doubt if even Mike Holmgren can answer all the questions we have. I am pretty sure of one thing, Cleveland is not done with their quarterback search.

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