Ben Roetlisberger: Steeler Nation Is Still Behind You

Tom Shelley@LegendaryTShellCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2010

As I sit here drinking a beer on my porch and enjoying some nice spring weather in Oxford, OH (home of Miami University), I decided that it's time to provide a unique perspective on the Roethlisberger's current predicament with yet another sexual assault charge.

I've read many articles and opinions on the situation and I find that few of them provide context for why Ben decided to go to the bar that fateful night.

Most of you are probably unfamiliar with Miami University or Oxford. In fact, most of the time people confuse us with University of Miami down in Florida.

The schools couldn't be more different.

Oxford is a relatively small city. There's approximately 8,000 residents of the town and around 16,000 college students who attend Miami.

That's right, students outnumber residents by two to one.

It provides for an interesting climate.

For instance, because Miami is on spring break, the vast majority of businesses in the town have shut down. In fact, aside from the occasional jogger or bicyclist, the town nearly resembles a ghost town.

To return to my point, there is not a whole lot to do here.

The last time I checked, the town had eight pizza places, 10 restaurants, a four-screen movie theater, a bowling alley, a few small places to shop and 28 bars.

That's right, there are more bars here than anything else COMBINED.

A large part of the culture here revolves around drinking and going out to any number of the college bars in town. We recently celebrated Green Beer Day which is where the majority of students skip class and go to the bars all day (starting at 5:30 a.m.).

You can check out the Wikipedia article on Green Beer Day to get a better idea.

It seems as though Ben hasn't changed since his days in Oxford.

He finds himself in a college bar, flirting with 20 year-olds, pulling the same stunts he does when he's here in Oxford. He skips out on tabs after buying drinks for all the hot girls who will pay attention to him and his buddies.

I hope this time Ben learned a lesson.

Should he have gone in there? Probably not.

Should he have waited until everyone was sober? Probably.

However, Ben, you lead my favorite team in the whole world. People of all ages look up to you!

It's time to shape up!

If you don't you're going to end up in jail. And then it will be you that wont be giving consent.

In conclusion, I still support Big Ben as long as he's not proven guilty.

I want him to continue to be the Steeler's quarterback and I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the league.

I even support his decision to go out with friends to the bars during the offseason.

However, he needs to grow up and stop putting himself in bad situations.

A word to the wise Ben, if you read this: stop picking up girls at bars. Why not date a celebrity or model? Heck, re-connect with a Miami grad you thought was cute in class.

Just STOP pulling the same crap you did in Oxford.

The Steel City and Steelers fans across the world need you.



**Please note that in no way do I advocate rape, sexual assault or any crime of sexual nature. Rape and any associated crime is an absolutely horrendous and unspeakable thing. Anyone who is guilty of such a crime should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. And thus, if Ben is found guilty he should go to jail and not be able to play in the NFL ever again.
Please do not mistake this article as demeaning towards rape victims or women. My heart goes out to anyone reading this who may have been affected by such a crime.
My personal opinion is that there was no crime committed here other than slander. If found otherwise, I will retract what I have said about the accuser.


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