Ted Thompson: A Lesson in (Mis)management Of a Future Hall-Of-Famer

Mike RCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2008

While I have been the first to pat Ted Thompson on the back for his accomplishments (making off-season moves to take his team from 4-12 to 13-3 and a game away from the Super Bowl in 2007-08, releasing Ahman Green and other dead-weight such as Bubba Franks and Najeh Davenport, picking up studs like Ryan Grant and Aaron Kampman via free agency and drafting respectively, maintaining sell out crowds, etc.), but this recent controversy with the txtz0rzing Brett Favre is cr8zy.

Reports say that Favre text messaged the Packers' GM over the weekend (Saturday) and that Thompson dismissed the legendary quarterback's message saying he was on vacation.

I heard an analogy today saying that bringing in Favre is like turning down your current girlfriend (in this case, Aaron Rodgers) and bringing in an old girlfriend, but that the current girlfriend is okay with it, knowing full-well she'll be number one after your time with this old girlfriend is over.

This analogy is also terrible, but it was Jim Rome's backup, so what do you expect?

I look at it this way, the Packers were one game away from the Super Bowl last year with Favre under center. Aaron Rodgers has 35 career completions, Favre has 5,377 (one of his many records).

If the Packers organization feels that Rodgers can lead this team to do the things it did last year, then they should give Favre the brush on a text message, thus shooing away the quarterback that made Titletown prideful again. And Lord knows they have their reasons, as I outlined in my pumped and primed for Aaron Rodgers article, such as the record Favre holds for career interceptions (288) against Aaron Rodgers' skinny single errant pass to the other team (in 0.67% as many attempts as his predecessor).

But when management pulls its head out, as it rarely has to do in Green Bay, Thompson and the Packers should welcome back the man who "puts the meat in the seats" as Reggie Jackson would say.

After the years that Favre gave Green Bay (not to mention the money that he undoubtedly made for the management of the Packers, including the guy who has so grossly shunned him), I think Green Bay owes it to give the ole gunslinger one more shot.