Move Over Lowe and Burke: Bernier signed to Offer Sheet

Matt WoodmanCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2008

Early into the Free Agent Frenzy Mike Gillis and the Vancouver Canucks signed St. Louis Blues forward David Backes to a three year, $7.5 million dollar offer sheet. The Blues of course had seven days to match, in which they did match.


Now Blues GM Larry Pleau has fired a shot back at Gillis and Canucks signing recently acquired forward Steve Bernier to a one year, $2.5 million dollar offer sheet. If the Canucks don’t match that offer in seven days, they’ll receive St. Louis’s second round pick in 2009.


The 6-2, 225-pound right winger played for San Jose and Buffalo last season, totaling 32 points along with 64 penalty minutes.  Bernier has played in a total of 177 NHL contests, amassing 90 points and 128 penalty minutes.


Its pretty ironic considering the Canucks just recently acquired Bernier through a trade with Buffalo who gained second and third round draft picks.


“I'm going to Vancouver and its tough not to be happy." Bernier said in an interview.


It looks as if maybe Bernier wasn’t as excited to be going to hockey crazy Vancouver as he first stated. 


But there’s more to this signing then meets the eye. Now we all know what a feud Brian Burke of the Ducks and Kevin Lowe of the Oilers are in. I can’t help but wonder if there little fight is now going to be over shadowed by a new rivalry that could be forming in Pleau and Gillis. It looks as if Gillis is getting a little taste of his own medicine. When you take a shot at another guy, you’re going to get a shot back, which seems to be the way things work. Apparently Gary Bettman won’t have to deal with Lowe and Burke anymore as those two could be taking a back seat to Pleau vs. Gillis.


Oh well, as the saying goes, “Boys will be boys.”


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