The Monday Night Wars 2: The First Battle

Shermura AndersonContributor IMarch 8, 2010

Well it's officially 11:10 p.m. Eastern time and i just got done watching the first battle of the Monday night wars 2 which pits The Mighty Wwe vs the Up and coming Tna.

I started out watching Monday Night Raw, and got tired of the promotion of the Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels, so i switched to Tna and i flipped right into an okay match, The Monster Abyss and Hulk Hogan Vs AJ Styles and the Nature Boy Ric Flair, it was average at best until the Icon Sting made an surprising apperance and caught my attention, it was something new so i watched for another 5 minutes or so.

The Wwe put on a pretty good show tonight as did Tna, i really liked the debut of RVD and the return Jeff Hardy to Tna and that tells me that Tna are very serious about putting an end to Vince McMahon's Billion Dollar Corporation.

I really like the Handicap match between the Viper Randy Orton and Legacy, that made for good TV for the Wwe as i watched for awhile, but Tna had and handicap match between Jeff Jarret and Beer Money that i really didn't care to watch so i switched the channel to a familiar friend the Wwe.

My view of tonight is simple, Tna is very serious about competing against the Wwe and they showed with two former fan favorites of the Wwe, and i think they did a pretty good job, but I have and will always be a Wwe Guy, of course it gets dull from time to time but i love the young superstars that are there and they really make for good TV to me.

I got the feeling that Triple H is attempting to put Shemus over big time with their up and coming match at Wrestlemania 26, he was just a Lil too convincing with how hot Shemus has been and how only a couple of people have beaten him at Wrestlemania, i really would like to see another superstar get a chance like that on the biggest stage of them all, we already take Sheamus as a serious wrestler.

Well i didn't mean to bore you guys, just felt i would lay out my opinion about the monday night wars 2 and how i felt about the Wwe since i read alot of good articles on here day in and out, so until next time I am Don Don signing off.

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