WWE: What's Happening to All the Heels?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJuly 8, 2008

The WWE has been losing heels lately. Kennedy turned, Orton injured, and all the new guys that the WWE is pushing are baby faces: Kofi, Punk, and Kennedy.

Think about the top heels in WWE right now: JBL, Edge, Jericho, and Kane? Then think of all the faces. Cena, Batista, HHH, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, HBK, Ken Kennedy, Rey Mysterio, and of course, CM Punk. What is happening to all of WWE's heels? Are the stars tired of being hated?

If the WWE is going to be full of faces with no one to boo, then whats the point?

It's hard being a heel. Heels have to make the crowd hate them, they have to make the crowd really hate them. It takes time to make a good heel. 

Being a baby face isn't as hard in my opinion. My question is, why does WWE have fewer heels, especially in their upper-mid card area?

Look back at the '90s—in wrestling there were so many heels. The Nation of Domination, DX, and The McMahon's. Today we have a Wall Street cowboy, JBL, and a washed up monster who WWE is re-pushing, Kane. It's times like this I really miss Orton.

Edge is the best heel WWE has right now. He comes out to the ring and as soon as his music hits, people boo him. Edge turned heel back in 2004 and has really taken off. Stealing Lita from Matt Hardy, stealing the WWE Championship from John Cena, hooking up with the Samckdown GM to keep his title, "Banishing" The Undertaker, and screwing Batista a million times.

WWE need more heel like Edge, not guys like John Cena, who write poopy on limos...how immature.

I can't really tell you why WWE is lacking heels right now. There are plenty of lower-card heels who could do well. Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, Carlito, and even Paul Burchill. I think its that WWE isn't pushing the lower-card heels like the are the lower-card baby faces.

That's really the problem here—for some reason WWE doesn't want to give the younger heels any chance to make it.

Morrison has been great since he re-debuted in MNM. Since then hes won four tag titles, two Intercontinental  titles, and the ECW Title. He has the potential to be the next great heel. He is Randy Orton and Edge rolled into one, and hopefully he will become a top guy some day.

I'm not even going there with Benjamin and Carlito, enough has already been said on them. Burchill could be a nice Intercontinental Champion, but needs a little work.

If WWE dosen't decided to push some new heels soon, we may end up with a bunch of good guys fighting over who the fans love more. That would be enough to make me pull my hair out. 

A bunch of young heels teaming up taking out established faces—yeah I like that. How about Burchill, Rhodes, Diabase, and DH Smith in a stable of young guys who want the spotlight? Yeah, that's an idea.

Whatever WWE does, they are low on top heels, so somebody needs to be pushed especially on Smackdown, who only has Edge and Umaga. I hope some young badass gets pushed like crazy in the next couple of months. *(crosses fingers)*