Bryce Brown's Indecision Is a "No" Decision for Tennessee Vols

Joel BarkerSenior Writer IMarch 8, 2010

TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 24:  Bryce Brown #11 of the Tennessee Volunteers against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 24, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I try not to make a habit out of bashing or otherwise demeaning college kids in this space. I'm not a fan of people who like a kid because he has chosen their hat over that of another program.

Once a player dons the orange, however, college kid or not, he become fair game in my humble opinion. I still do not like it, but there comes a point when derogatory stories have to be written.

This is that time.

Last year's prize recruit, Bryce Brown, then the No. 1 recruit in all the land, recently told a reporter that he planned on waiting until the spring to see what new head coach Derek Dooley was all about before deciding whether or not to transfer.

Maybe he wants to make sure he's not going to ride the pine. Maybe he just loved Lane Kiffin so much that he doesn't think he can play for Dooley.

Either way, the uncertainty of his willingness to play for the Tennessee Vols is rather disconcerting to me as a faithful, die-hard Big Orange supporter.

Maybe I'm old-school. Maybe I like for the players on my team to actually want to play for my program, my school.

Maybe that's one reason I never really cared for Lane Kiffin. Because he never cared for the orange and white, or the Power T, or General Neyland, or Tennessee's rich, proud tradition.

It appears Bryce Brown cares only for himself. I can understand a player wanting to ensure that he gets playing time. I can see his willingness to be a part of the offense as being integral to his participation with the team.

But if he's really as good as we were all led to believe then what's the problem? If he really has the talent that he thinks he has why in the world would there be a question as to his value on the Tennessee Vols?

Is Brown afraid of a little competition? Is he concerned that all the hype surrounding his recruitment will fall by the wayside under Dooley?

The fact that we are exactly one week away from the beginning of spring practice and Brown is still apparently "on the fence" regarding Tennessee should speak volumes to die-hard Volniacs everywhere.

Maybe God changed his mind and wants Bryce to go to Kansas State. After all, that was his excuse for signing with Kiffin and the Vols one year ago. God told him to come to Knoxville. Maybe he misunderstood God. Knoxville, Tenn. and Manhattan, Kan. are kind of close, right?

If there is a decision to be made this late in the game, my decision is already determined. I say go ahead and follow your brother Arthur and/or God to Kansas State.

I say this as a man who loves the orange and white. I say this as a fan who would rather not see this type of attitude pervade this team. If one guy says it and does it, who's to say it won't spread?

You think Nick Saban would hear one of his players say something like "I'm still deciding" two weeks before practice begins and not do something about it?

If you think the Vols would be hurting at tailback without Brown you would be sorely mistaken.

David Oku, Tauren Poole, Toney Williams, and incoming freshman Rajion Neal are all highly touted backs. And all are ready to fill any void left by a potential deserter.

So just to eliminate anymore flip-flopping, I say go ahead and make Brown's decision for him, Coach Dooley.

Vols fans have had enough of people looking for greener grass elsewhere in the past couple of months.