Tim Tebow: Rome's Take On Tebow Smacks Of Hypocrisy

Ted SillanpaaAnalyst IMarch 8, 2010

Jim Rome spent time on ESPN's "Rome Is Burning" to question and criticize Tim Tebow for saying it's an "honor" to have fans want to meet him while he's charging to sign autographs.

Rome, who has knocked Tebow often, mocked Tebow's sincerity when he said that he  appreciates that fans care enough about him to want to meet him, get his autograph, etc. Then, Rome blasted Tebow for charging $160 per autograph.

Rome figures Tebow can't possibly value his fans if he's charging them for his signature.

Does that make sense?

Rome added that "as long as fans pay them, athletes will charge" for their autographs. He just holds Tebow to a different standard.

Sound fair?

The view from here is that Rome begrudges Tebow the right to make a few bucks signing autographs because all he's done is star in college football. Tebow's just a college football star who may or may not make it in the NFL.

Rome's point, apparently, is that he hasn't done anything to merit making money off his talent.

Fans are willing to pay Tebow for his signature. Rome feels like Tebow's stealing money.

Rome, conversely, makes a nice living...talking about big-time sports. He's really good at what he does...like Tebow, he's got millions of fans. But, all Rome does is what most of his fans do...for free and for fun.

Rome's living quite well because we watch him on TV or listen to him on the radio when he's talking about...Tim Tebow.

Signing autographs isn't hard. How tough is it to talk sports for three hours in the morning and a half-hour on ESPN? Either seems like a nice way to make some scratch, doesn't it?

Rome doesn't like Tebow. Fine. We get it. But, maybe the guy making millions talking about sports in a glass booth shouldn't throw stones at a college football star earning a few bucks from people willing to pay to get his signature.