2010 Fantasy Baseball Pitcher Final Rankings: Top 50

Ray TannockSenior Analyst IMarch 8, 2010

One final look at the pitcher rankings before we concentrate more on where each player is prior to Opening Day.

1. Tim Lincecum – This kid just keeps throwing heat each and every year, and there is nothing but upside for him in 2010.  Draft high if you’re thinking pitcher first.

2. Cliff Lee – Seattle is a bit more hitter-friendly than Philly, but Lee has his best years still ahead of him and one of the best closers in the business in Aardsma.

3. Zach Greinke – Greinke silenced the critics last year, and this year should be a breakout season for the young ace.  Greinke was a first-rounder last year, and should be one this year.

4. Roy Halladay –  Well it finally happened, Philly got their man.  And you can be sure that Halladay will settle in very quickly, since the Phillies will afford him an increase in environmental stability.

5. Josh Beckett – Beckett just doesn’t quit, and his ability to mow down hitter after hitter seems to get better with time.  If you are lucky enough to get Beckett and Lester, you’ll have one stacked team.

6. Felix Hernandez – This guy is just scary good.  A blazing fastball and an arm that won’t quit.

7. Johan Santana – Santana didn’t quite live up to his expectations last year, but he is still an elite pitcher.  If the aforementioned are no longer on the board, pick Santana up immediately.

8. Kevin Slowey – Slowey was cruising along with a 10-3 record and a 7 to 1 SO to BB ratio average before he tried to play through a nasty wrist injury.  I feel bad putting him this low on the list.

9. C.C. Sabathia – Sabathia has power and dominance that can’t be ignored, his only knock is his lack of endurance.

10. Roy Oswalt – Oswalt will undoubtedly go into the HOF one day, and there is no reason to shy away from his innate ability to throw strikes.  He could be on the boards later.


The Rest (11 To 50)

11. Jake Peavy

12. Adam Wainwright

13. Jon Lester

14. Cole Hamels

15. Chris Carpenter

16. Carlos Zambrano

17. Brandon Webb

18. John Lackey

19. David Price

20. Justin Verlander

21. Dan Haren

22. Wandy Rodriguez

23. Ricky Porcello

24. Jair Jurrjens

25. Rich Harden

26. Yovanni Gallardo

27. Ted Lilly

28. Kevin Millwood

29. Joe Saunders

30. Randy Wells

31. Clayton Kershaw

32. Ubaldo Jimenez

33. John Danks

34. Chad Billingsley

35. Mark Buehrle

36. Scott Kazmir

37. J.A. Happ

38. Jered Weaver

39. Joba Chamberlain

40. Tim Hudson

41. Matt Garza

42. Bronson Arroyo

43. Gavin Floyd

44. Aaron Harang

45. Andy Pettitte

46. Jorge De La Rosa

47. Ricky Romero

48. Jamie Shields

49. Brett Anderson

50. Jeremy Guthrie



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