WWE Money In The Bank Matters: Kofi Kingston Or Christian Main Eventing?

Ichigo StarfishCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2010

     WWE Creative have often been criticised as collectively lacking the creativity of the theoretical monkey banging away at a typewriter. The monkey, given eternity, would supposedly come up with the complete works of Shakespeare. Given the same time frame you sometimes wonder if Creative could do much better than another Vladimir Kozlov squash match, but one major success of recent years is the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

     MITB is one of the highlights of Wrestlemania yet beyond it's popularity and potential for pops and spots the match fulfills a useful purpose for the WWE. One individual gets a shortcut on the usually arduous road from Mid-Carder to Main Event, a journey that usually takes longer than the time needed to ponder, manoeuvre and execute a move if you're Rob Terry. Given the reward, this year's outcome does seem a little predictable.

     MVP could be considered the dark horse of the match if by dark horse you mean "The one of the three wrestlers who could possibly win but has the least chance". Pretty solid in the ring and on the mic, (though everyone looks good standing next to Mark Henry) his push has plateaued of late, a familiar story to two other participants, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swaggert.

     Ziggler and Swaggert, aside from being the perfect monikers for an early 70s Cop Show, have the potential to become top heels in the Company, and it's good to see them included on the card. However, with Ziggler deemed too lowly to take the Intercontinental belt from Rey and Swaggert with one tv win all year it seems their participation in the match is a push in itself.

     The least surprising entreant in the match will undoubtedly hit his spots and wow the crowd before having another quiet year. Yes, Shelton Benjamin is the Santa Claus of professional Wrestling.

     Arguably the most surprising inclusion is Matt Hardy. Last year he had his brother to feud with, this year Creative appear to have nothing for him. Matt has always seemed to occupy that "everyone's second favourite Wrestler" spot and while a Main Event moment would be great to see, it's hard to see it happening this year.

     Kane is another performer who has flirted with the main event picture, (which is more than he ever did with Katie Vick) but never quite got there, a tragic thing to say about someone who did once briefly hold the World Title. Sadly, Kane's time has passed, his best years behind him but he's still an excellent worker and will catch and put people over as well as always in MITB.

     All of which leaves two guys to battle it out at the top of the ladder, and here my heart and head part. Christian is being talked up by many as the likely winner, the deserving winner, the man about to finally break into the Main Event. Effectively all the things that were said last year when he didn't. A Christian victory would be awesome. Would truly reek of awesomeness, but when the owner of the Company sees no potential in you, (The same owner who signed up Nathan Jones incidentally) you really do have a mountain to climb.

     A Christian victory would be the most interesting in terms of future storylines. Would Captain Charisma turn heel and feud with Edge? Team with Edge? Screw over Cena and re-ignite their promising spat from 2005? Christian has lots of history and history makes for good angles. My heart is firmly with a Christian win.

     Unfortunately, my head is with a man not even announced for the match yet. I see Kofi qualifying as the last entreant and winning it. Arguably the outstanding performer from last years MITB, Kofi has been on the receiving end of a pretty big push, had high profile matches and acquitted himself well. Certainly he's far from the finished article but that's hardly held back Sheamus.

     Kofi Kingston MITB Winner 2010.

     So that's where my head and my heart reside on the matter. Agree? Disagree? All comments are welcome, all abusive comments will be tolerated, abusive comments directed at Hornswaggle very welcome).