Eagles and Jason Avant Agree to a 5 Year Deal!

Dan Pennwyn@@WeBleedingGreenCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 27 : Jason Avant #81 of the Philadelphia Eagles catches a touchdown in the third quarter against Renaldo Hill #23 of the Denver Broncos at Lincoln Financial Field on December 27, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

In the morning hours as we drempt of Free Agents signings, a very important one was taken care of as WR Jason Avant has been resigned by the Philadelphia Eagles. Avant who was a fourth round draft pick in the 2006 draft, he had his best season last year amassing 41 catches for 587 yards and 3 touchdowns. Of those 3 touchdowns his "prettiest" touchdown catch came last season against the Broncos is the pass was orignially deflected before Avant made a stunnnig catch.

Avant is quickly making a name for himself in the league as a force to be reckoned with in the middle of the field. Not only is he good in the middle of the field but he also a very sound route runner. He's not the fastest WR on the team by any means but he is a very smart man and knows how to get off his blocks coming off the line.

In his 4 seasons being an NFL player Avant has 103 total catches, 8 of which resulted in a touchdown. Of those 103 catches, 37 of them came on 3rd down...32 of THOSE catches resulted in a First down...I will know refer to Avant as "Mr Third Down". As the Eagles "slot receiver" Jason has shown a nack for toughness along with some of the best hands I've seen in the league but he also has been among the best route runners in the league

Resigning Avant paints a very "sexy" picture at the wide reciever position for the Eagles for years to come. I don't know of a better trio of WR's in the league than Jackson/Maclin/Avant..can you? Jackson as we all know may just be faster than Superman himself and has great hands, Maclin had a fine season last year as a rookie and Avant without question...as already stated made the league notice him last year. The thing I love about Avant other than his work ethic is his enthusiasm for the game. He doesn't only "dance" when he gets a touchdown, rather anytime he makes a catch you can guaruntee both his hands are in the air shaking as if saying "praise the lord", but the best one was last season was when he ALMOST forgot to "praise the lord" and right before the snap of the next play we saw him quick throw his hands up.

The Eagles have locked up their 2 most important Free Agents in Weaver (signed a 3 year deal last week) and now Avant. There is still work to be done but I'm happy the Eagles took care of THEIR two big free agents. The Eagles still need a safety which (and let me get this right this time) they are bringing in Colts CB Marlin Jackson but he also has some safety experience with a total of 8 games played being in a safety position...basically when Sanders was injured for the Colts, so he could come in and have Brown move to Safety or as I brainfarted the other day...have BOTH players ready to play either position at any given time.

I'm glad the Eagles got this deal done with Avant because I trully believe he was being looked at by multiple teams. There are still some veteran WR's like Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown on the team but I really don't know how much longer they will be around. If only one of them goes I hope its Curtis. Curtis has had injury problems ever since the 2008 season and Avant is clearly the man in the middle so there isn't really room on the roster for him...he's also getting up there in age as far as football is concerned. I think the Eagles will keep Brown and end up cutting Curtis after Training Camp is over if not sooner.

Cheer up Philly faithful, this is a GREAT GREAT GREAT resigning by the Eagles to keep the trio of WR's in their grasp for years to come. Who will QB these WR's is another story for another day even though Reid pleads McNabb will be the man...we shall see! Keep the faith Philly!