Vince McMahon: Bring on The Monday Night Wars!

James TurnerCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2010

Let me get straight to the point of this article. If you don't believe Vince McMahon is welcoming TNA to Monday night with open arms, you have another thing coming.

When Raw goes to commercial, I usually change the channel because my show "24" is on at the same exact time. I can't stand flicking back and forth but I love both shows. And now TNA is back on Mondays so that's going to be even more thrilling for me.

I remember when I was watching Raw a couple weeks ago. A TNA promo came on during a commercial break from Raw promoting their live show for March 8. It promoted who will wrestle and mentioned the names Hogan and Bischoff.

Now when I saw that commercial my first initial thought was that Bischoff and Hogan, mainly Bischoff found a way to strike a nerve in Vince once again leading Vince to get really angry.

Then, I thought about it right after and I figured out what that promo for TNA was all about. It was all Vince McMahon's sneaky plotting.

Vince McMahon wants to bring back the Monday Night Wars. Believe it or not, Bischoff will not have 84 consecutive weeks as the top rated show watched this time around. 

Vince is a smart business man. He knows that the return of the Monday Night Wars is only going to build buzz around both shows making the average fan with something to choose from. Vince also knows that the return of these wars brings more money to his business.

Watching both of these shows will bring the casual wrestling fan into deciding which show he's going to watch.

Of course McMahon knows he risks the chance of losing some of his viewers to TNA some weeks but Vince is confident in his product to believe that those casual fans will dislike TNA, stick to the WWE and also gain some of TNA's viewers.

And if that's not Vince's true motivation, just the thought of another Monday Night War will add some relevancy to both TNA and WWE. That's what both Bischoff/Hogan/Carter and McMahon both know.

This may bring the more casual viewer to become an actual fan looking forward to the Monday Night Wars because he doesn't know whose going to have the better Monday night. This could also bring back some old wrestling fans who gave up on wrestling after WCW dismantled.

Today's live editions of Impact and Raw will continue the return of dominance in the ratings for both programs.

TNA has the potential to start pulling 2.0 to 2.5 ratings in a matter of six or seven months. WWE will bring a consistent 3.8 to 4.5 ratings in that same span. This will be all due to the media and buzz going around both shows.

Both these promotions may be going against each other in the ratings but building a better product for both companies will require both promotions to work for each other.

So Vince may be irate about the TNA commercial or two on Raw or he may not be. He does know that tonight will be the start of many more wars to come.

Vince is not worried though as much as people may believe. That's why he gives TNA no kind of love or refuses to have his promotion even mention TNA. He knows that at the end of the day, he will win the ratings war. That's all he's caring about right now.

Vince knows one more thing too. He knows that Spike TV will NEVER EVEERRRR be able to compete with the USA network. And if the average fan decides to watch Impact over Raw, Vince probably wouldn't care because that viewer is probably not paying any money to come to his live shows or ordering the PPVs. So he's gaining no money. Go to TNA then.

Whatever happens, all I know is tonight will be interesting for me as I flick the channels back and forth between Raw/Impact/24. And trying to work on my production. What you know about that Love Game? Just ask Hunter and Steph Helmsley.