My View On TNA's Product

Devon GivensCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2010

Hi, folks.  This is Devon Givens, here to present my fourth article, (that has an actual quality of contribution, Jaden!)  I'm here to discuss my view on TNA and it's product.

As you all know, TNA will be going head-to-head with WWE again, but this time permanently.  Raw's main event has Vince McMahon going against John Cena, (which
will likely be a short match, with interference, of course) and iMPACT's main event has Hulk Hogan and Abyss taking on Ric Flair and AJ Styles.  Allow me to tell you the
reason why TNA has been mediocre so far.

The ratings during the past month have been plummeting lately, not only from the lack of momentum, but from putting on nearly the same show, week after week.  If TNA is  going to put on the same show tommorrow night, then you know that TNA is not going to succeed.  WWE, on the other hand, pretty much can put on a mediocre show week after week, because of their large and more loyal fanbase, (what else you think their gonna do after going on nine years unopposed?)  TNA can't afford to lose their small, but growing fanbase.  I don't want to no longer endure watching a typical Impact show with 15 minutes of wrestling on a two hour show, with most of the TV time focused on Hogan/Bischoff.   Where did all the Knockouts go?  Where did the X-Division go?  We TNA fans are lucky to even get one match involving them.  The only feud that is worth watching on Impact so far, is the Angle/Anderson feud.  Anderson is doing a great job playing a disrespectful, cocky, heel and Kurt is doing a great job of being the symbol of patriotism as the face.  But the problem with TNA creating and building up a great feud, is that while one is going on, the other drifts slowly in the wind.  

Why was Daffney not on Impact last week squashing a Knockout?  Where's the update on Samoa Joe?  It seems like within the confines of the TNA walls, while they give
out with one hand, they take with the other.  Basically what I'm saying, is that the so-called, "huge youth movement" that is supposedly happening TNA right now, has
been dumbed down too much.  While Ric Flair is doing a good job giving AJ Styles the rub, and Abyss is now a main eventer, why is Abyss still the 6'8, 300 pound, Eugene (unless this will expand to a slow character development for him in the near future).

If TNA plans to make any kind of Impact (pun intended) tommorrow, they needed to seriously sit down and brainstorm what they should do.  We should have more X-
Division and Knockouts on the show then showing Bischoff every 10 or 15 minutes talking with Hogan or torturing Jarrett.  That's all we want right?  Less annoying promos, and more wrestling.  Don't get me wrong, I love TNA, I want them to succeed.  I want to be the enjoyable product that WCW put out in the late '90s.  The only way that you can grow big, is to produce a better product.  Is that to hard of you to ask TNA?