Boston Bruins: Development Camp - Day 1 - Honor and Tradition

Shawn OwensAnalyst IJuly 8, 2008

Well the Bruins are back on ice.....sort of.

Today opens up the Boston Bruins Development Camp which will bring in the young talent the Bruins have in their organization. 

Also on the ice are two players the Bruins are counting on to make a huge impact in the upcoming season: Patrice Bergeron and Manny Fernandez. 

Bergeron and Fernandez spent one hour on the ice working on shooting drills.  Bergeron was being fed passes from  Providence Bruins coach Rob Murray  and putting his wicked shot to use against Manny Fernandez.  Fernandez looked sharp the whole hour and felt like he was getting stronger as the ice session went on.  All good news.

As for the young players who have been invited to the development camp, they are rolling in from the airport to get their physicals, meet the staff and try to get comfortable with being in a professional atmosphere.  Another important aspect the young Bruins will be learning is the pride that comes along with wearing the Spoked B. 

There is tradition in being a Boston Bruin and the Bruins brass, including former players Cam Neely and Don Sweeney, are overseeing the aspect of being a Bruin and the tradition that goes along with it. 

I've always felt that Johnny Bucyk is left out when we speak of former Bruins who are helping pass on the franchise traditions to the new Bruin players.   

But it seems the new younger Bruins can relate to Cam Neely and Don Sweeney a little better than  "Chief."   This is not to say anything negative about the Chief.  It has more to do the the current generation on the Bruins roster.

Take this time at development camp and learn the ropes of what it takes to prepare yourself to be a professional hockey play and most importantly a Boston Bruin.

The youth and tradition of the organization are alive and well.  Let's hope the Bruins brass can make the most in building the organization back to being a contender....AGAIN!