WEC 47 Overview: Torres, Bowles Falter in a Night Full of Upsets

David ModerCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2010

In what was a exciting night for WEC fans, Miguel Torres got dominated by Joesph Benavidez in a huge upset. Dominick Cruz, not to be outdone, easily defeated Bowles to take the championship. This card proved that anything can happen in a fight and reminded fans why they like WEC so much. Let's take a quick review on the undercard before examining the main card with a little more detail.

In the undercard, Ricardo Lamas took home an important win against Casimir by spectacular flyin knee to climb back up the ladder in his division. Fredson Paixao gets an easy win by rear-naked choke against Courtney Buck, and George Roop and Leonard Garcia battle their way to a draw to earn the fight of the night award.

Anthony Pettis made a statement with a highlight reel KO by head kick in the first round to win the knockout of the night award against Danny Castillo. After a close first round, Chad Mendes had no trouble to win the unanimous decision versus Erik Koch. Scott Jorgenson literally lifted Chad George with a guillotine to win in the first 31 seconds of round one.

Main Card

Karen Derabedyan was dictating the first round with flurries of punches standing, and then a double-leg takedown. Miraculously, while taking barrages of punches on the ground and his corner yelling at him to do something, Bart Palaszewski managed to get an armbar at 4:40 in the first round and handed Derabedyan his second loss in his career.

L.C. Davis managed to win against Deividas Taurosevicius in a lackluster bout. Both fighters refused to do anything outside the clinch, and the crowd certainly wasn't appreciating it. In the end, a majority decision was awarded to Davis to the relief of the crowd.

In what would be his last fight in his career, Jens Pulver didn't really stand a chance against Javier Vazquez. Pulver was taken down a total of three times in the fight, and on the third time, Vazquez locked in the armbar on the ground at 3:41 in the first round.

Both fighters showed good sportmanship after the bout and Pulver thanked the crowd for the support he received in his career. Vazquez ended his two fight losing streak and said it was an "honor" to fight Pulver. This was Pulver's fifth loss in a row, which most likely prompted him to retire.

By now, I had a record of six right and two wrong, which was very good by my standards. I was looking forward to getting 8-2, which would tie my personal best. I thought by now, all the anticipation of the results were over for the reason that Miguel Torres and Brian Bowles were going to easily dispatch Joesph Benavidez and Dominick Cruz.

The reason I was so positive that Benavidez stood no chance in his fight against Torres is that Benavidez is five inches smaller than Torres, and had an eleven inch reach disadvantage. I, and probably the majority of MMA fans, thought that Torres would decimate Benavidez.

I couldn't have been more wrong. While Benavidez easily overcame his reach advantage, Torres seemed unwilling to stand and trade. Benavidez went on to take Torres down and comfortably took the first round.

In the second round Benavidez once again easily took Torres down. He went on to open a cut in Torres's forehead with an elbow and land a few more strikes. By now Torres was bleeding, and after a missing an armbar Benavidez sunk in a deep guillotine that finished the fight at 2:57 in the second round.

“I’ve been waiting for this fight forever,” Benavidez said. “I was totally prepared for it. I believed in myself."

Dominick Cruz made Brian Bowles seem little more than a beginner as he kept winding in out of Bowles reach, making Bowles more and more frustrated as he kept charging at Cruz. Cruz stuck to his gameplan and countered nicely each time Bowles charged. The fight was the same pretty much the entire time and Cruz only got more skillful with his strategy.

Bowles didn't answer the bell for the second round, due to what he claimed was his broken hand. Thus, Cruz won by doctor stoppage at the end of the second round to claim the bantamweight belt. WEC will undoubtedly gain more fans with the exhilarating card that it put together that night.