Alabama Players: Final Combine Analysis and Projections

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IMarch 7, 2010

Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fla.) Thank God the NFL combines are over. Overall, it's about as interesting as watching grass grow on the football field, but sometimes the end results make a big difference in a young man's life. How did Alabama's players do?

Javier Arenas

His size works against him, but if he could show off his speed it could help. He did manage to turn in a 4.49 40-yard dash before a hamstring started tightening up. His strength was not in question, so he didn't lift weights mainly because he didn't need to. With his speed settled and a good Senior Bowl, he may have worked himself into a solid second-round pick, and in this crowded position, that's great.

Terrence Cody

Told me he was upset with picture at the Sr. Bowl weigh in and was going to dedicate himself to getting off the weight. In just a few weeks he had dropped 12 pounds to 354 and that alone was the best thing he could have done. He was solid in running and great with initial burst, which was great. He did well in punch drills too, but did no lifting. Either solidified a second-round pick or very late first.

Brandon Deaderick

What's up with Brandon? He didn't go to any all-star games and his workout at the combines was non-existent. To top it off, he showed up at the combine 27 pounds heavier than his listed weight at Alabama. His pro day at Alabama will be make or break for Brandon to get drafted at all.

Kareem Jackson

The scouts were worried about his shoulder and his 15 reps on the bench more than answered that. He was second fastest with a sizzling 4.48 40-yard dash that equally impressed. As mentioned before, this is maybe the most crowded group, but he will be a solid second-round pick for these reasons and for his work while at Alabama.

Mike Johnson

Competed with the tackles, so he didn't impress with his speed or strength. It was an average showing and he did little to elevate his draft slot. He wasn't a real standout at the Senior Bowl either, so he may be a third-rounder at this point.

Rolando McClain

Didn't do the running drills due to a hamstring injury, but didn't have to. Did well on the bench press showing his muscle with 24 reps. Came in as a first-round pick and left as one too.

Colin Peek

The boy just has to start kissing healthier girls. Sick during much of the practice at the Senior Bowl and then down with the flu for the Combine didn't help his stock. Even sick he did OK bench pressing and scouts remember he did do well in the Senior Bowl with limited practice. His Pro Day at Alabama could solidify a forth-round pick.

Leigh Tiffin

Not many kickers get the chance to be drafted, but if any are, Tiffin was clearly the best of pack and the most consistent. He had great distance to go with good results on field goals, but kick offs had little hang time.

Lorenzo Washington

Unfortunately for Washington, there are a lot of big fast defensive linemen position and many are much better. His combine stats didn't help him much either. Even with a great Pro Day, making the last round would be a win for Washington. If he makes a team, he'll stick with his work ethic.

Justin Woodall

Again, in a crowded field of defensive backs, Woodall had to dazzle at the Combine and he didn't. In fact, he hurt himself coming in last against the other strong safeties on the bench with just 13 and a ho hum 40-yard dash. He was thought to be a higher pick at one point, but now he's looking at the sixth- or seventh-round with a ho-hum pro day.