Floyd Mayweather, Jr.: Discrimination Towards the Filipino People

Latigo RapperCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2010

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Once again, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is figured in another controversy.

This time it goes beyond boxing.

In an online article written by Oliver Suarez on March 6, 2010 at sportzhypeboxing.com ,  this is what Jeff De Guzman, a media personnel from the Philippines, said of his experience at the LA press conference:

"When we were supposed to go over there where Floyd was, Kelly Swanson said, 'Are you Filipino media,' and I said yeah and I want to interview Mayweather, then she said, 'No Filipino media allowed to talk to Mayweather.' "

For the record, Kelly Swanson is a publicist for Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and, in the said article, it was also stated that she was only following instructions coming from Mayweather.

Just by reading what was written above makes me feel that I was slapped in the face.

I am a Filipino after all.

I know my countrymen share the same sentiment, because this is actually a slap in the face of all those who have Filipino blood in them.

What Mayweather did was unquestionably a direct assault on the Filipino race—a racially discriminating act frowned upon by the civilized world.

Floyd may think that his main objective here is only to indirectly attack Manny Pacquiao and gain the psychological upper hand. Little does he probably know that his action was also an attack and an insult to the citizens of his own country, the United States of America.

To the uninitiated, both the US and the Philippines adapt the democratic form of government. This means that citizens of both nations are supposed to adhere to the principle of equality and fairness. Further, both countries have constitutionally enshrined the value of upholding human rights.

The U.S., of course, has been considered by political science scholars as the model of all democratic governments around the world.

With that reality in mind, it is very uncharacteristic that the perpetrator here is a famous sports celebrity coming from the country that is considered the stronghold of democracy. Further, he also comes from the race that has greatly contributed to shaping the current equal opportunity policies in the U.S.

We should not forget that decades ago, African-Americans struggled to eliminate racial discrimination. They suffered long and hard to reach that goal. After years of toil, America is what it is now—the land of hope for everyone, regardless of race.

Seemingly insensitive to this extraordinary achievement by his forefathers, Floyd publicly discriminates another race. With this development, he has unknowingly become the enemy his own race battled so hard to destroy.

I would not be surprised if Floyd will be harshly criticized by his own people. I am certain members of the black community will not sit well with this.

Floyd Mayweather's actions are not only unacceptable in boxing, but also in the entire civilized world. He must publicly apologize to the Filipino people, the American people, and to the millions of boxing fans.