The Lost Credibility Of The WWE Title: View Of a Nostalgic WWE Fan!

sam gContributor IMarch 7, 2010

FORT WORTH, TX - NOVEMBER 07:  A replica of the WWE world championship belt rests on top of Kyle Busch's #18 Z-Line Designs/WWE Smackdown Toyota prior to the start of the NASCAR Nationwide Series O'Reilly Challenge at Texas Motor Speedway on November 7, 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas.  (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images for NASCAR)
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Remember the good old days when the world title used to mean something? Remember Brock Lesnar going crazy after losing the wwe championship to  the Big Show at Survivor Series and then doing everything he can to get the gold belt around his waist? Or Chris Benoit winning the WHC at Wrestlemania XX, when his only focus was to win the world title, irrespective of who he had one it from? Or Eddie Guerrero celebrating like crazy after his win over Lesnar one month proior to Wrestlemania XX, watching him celebrate was worthh watching the whole PPV!

Nowadays, it seems, as if the world title has lost it’s mening completely. Superstars fued with each other and a way is found to incorporate the world title in the fued. Now, let me ask you this. What if Edge had returned and would have faced Y2J at Wrestlemania with no title on the line? Would that have made any difference in the way their story is being told? The moment Edge got injured in july, everyone knew that he would be facing Jericho at Wrestlemania, provided that he was fit. Even if you look at their fued right now, the world title seems to have got lost.

Another slap in the face was when the inevitable Cena-Batista match was made a WWE championship match. We already knew it was going to happen and the storyline never demanded the wwe title be incorporated in the match.
It is ok when the fued starts over the world title and then becomes personal with the passage of time, something that was done during The Undertaker-Brock Lesnar storyline way back in 2002 or something like HHH-Orton when Orton was booted out of Evolution. But putting the world title in an ongoing fued where “something else” more important than the title itself is on the line is sheer disrespect to the title itself.

And when it comes to disrespeting the title, I believe it is safe to say that having the top prize in the business look like a toy doesn’t help either. When Cena brought his customized WWE Championship back in 2005, he was still portraying his “Dr. of Thuganomics” gimmick. It’s 2010 for god’s sake! We need the old WWE title belt back as in it’s current design the looks stupid more than anything else. More so, even Cena doesn’t need the customized belt now. He won the WHC and held it without changing it’s design, as his character doesn’t require it anymore. Without a proper storyline, the current design of the belt just seems awfully redundant.

Yes, stroylines where personal vandetta is given more importance are requiered as they are good for the business but they should not include the world title as it belittles the title itself. The Rock-Stone Cold Wrestlemania 19 is a prime example. It was an awesome match from start to finish but it managed to grab everyone’s attention as it was done in a right manner. In the clash of two massive egos the world title would have been lost and therefore the match itself was not made for the world title.

I know that the whole thing is scripted but I would love to see genunity in the eyes of the superstars who ascend to the top after a well faught battle. Cases of Eddie Guerreo, Chris Benoit and Randy Orton (when he won it for the first time) are examples of genuine emotions displayed by these athletes. CM Punk did a great job of displaying such emotions after his two MITB cashings. The Jeff Hardy-CM Punk angle was just awesome as it was done in a correct manner and the cynesure of attraction was the world title during their whole fued.
Guys like Punk remind you that the world title still means something to some people at least.

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