Philadelphia Eagles Still Dry In Free Agency But Not Out Just Yet!

Dan Pennwyn@@WeBleedingGreenCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2010

Another day in Free Agency and still no word as of yet to whom the Philadelphia Eagles may bring in for a visit. With the majority of the big names gone in less than 60 seconds, we now sit and await a word to come out! My gut feeling tells me this is going to be a dry Free Agency this offseason and many fans are not real pleased the Eagles aren't making "bigger splashes". Lets take a moment and take a look at some of the players that COULD have been.

First the "big dawg" DE Julius Peppers - we all can speculate for a moment of how nasty it would've been having him opposite Trent Cole but reality sank in real quick once Da Bears made their move w/ a ridiculous contract offer & frankly I'm happy the Eagles didn't make that move. If in fact the 2011 season is a capped year the Bears could be in some deep water. This move will either pay off big for Lovie Smith or its going to bite him right in the snatch. Peppers signed a lucrative 6 yr deal worth $91.5 million, $42 million guarenteed reports indicate.

2. S Antrel Rolle - The Giants are gambling making Rolle the highest paid safety in NFL history. Sure he was the premier safety in Free Agency but I'm not sold he's worth the $37 million deal he just signed. This move will bolster their secondary with having Kenny Phillips back but I think Coach Coughlin new Rolle was their guy in that Oct. game against the Giants when Rolle picked off a pass with just over a minute to go. That pick won the game for the Cardinals! Rolle signed a 5 yr contract reportedly worth $37 million

3. RB Chester Taylor - Daaaaa Bears once again open up the wallet once again to try and fill another need by signing Taylor. Chester still has "gas in the tank" even though he's in his 30's but he's been the backup to one of the most prolific athletes in football Adrian Peterson. This is a team to watch this upcoming season...they're making the right moves.

Those are the 3 bigger name Free Agents out there in my opinion probably because they are all of positions the Eagles need and it didn't take very long for them to leave the market. Now as everyone already knows the Eagles did sign Leanord Weaver to a 3 year deal which was the most important of the Eagles Free Agents to resign, next up in Jason Avant and there are already reports they are working on a long term contract with Avant and his agent.

There are also reports brewing that DE Aaron Kampman will visit Philadelphia but nothing is official yet. Kampman was reportedly supposed to visit with the Eagles on Friday (3/5/2010) but that his agent called to cancel....signs of him possibly making a home with his first visit to Jacksonville, time will tell. I"m not sure Kampman will be 100% healthy coming into the 2010 season but could be healthy enough to contribute enough. The Jaguars are giving him "Produce & produce early" type money for a guy who is coming off such a serious injury and I trully feel that the risk's the Eagles have taken with signing players coming off of injury has bit them in the tail more than paid off in recent years but if Kampman can show he is on the fast track to recovery than he could be the perfect fit here. He does have a ton of athletic ability and could/would come at a MUCH lower cost than Peppers.

If the Eagles expect to better this roster I feel the way it's going to happen is via trades. There are still a few 2nd tier players out there that could help in a limited or backup role for example Julius Jones and Gibril Wilson but I don't know how much of an immediate impact either players would have, ok Jones would be an instant contributor but not the starter at HB. Stay tuned my Philadelphia faithful, were only days into the new year and while the Eagles haven't signed the big names out there it does not indicate they are down and out...Keep the faith!