SPEAR! : The Rated R Superstar's Impact

D-KwikContributor IMarch 6, 2010

Spear! Spear! Spear, Spear and SPEAR! Yes of course I'm talking about The Rated R Superstar Edge. Since coming back from his devastating injury, an Achilles Tendon Tear, he has made the biggest impact in the year of 2010.

He was out for up to 6 months following this unfortunate injury. But much to our surprise, Edge came back with a vengance. Chris Jericho has been on the receiving punishment as of late getting speared like the 10,099th time.

We all know Jericho is better than that but Edge looks quite impressive. Edge has been on a destructive and dominating path since the Rumble spearing anyone who gets in his way.

It seems the Ultimate Opportunist is chalking up quite a few victims before he reaches his destination at Wrestlemania. He has knocked of The Unified Tag Champs Show-Miz but is this all just leading up to a disappointing loss at Wrestlemania?

Spearing Y2J, Chris Jericho so many times maybe awesome to us Edgeheads but will it all be worth it in the end? Edge triumphing week after week can only lead to bad things in the end.

In my eyes this could go 1 of 2 scenarios. Scenario number one would have Edge look dominant up until 'Mania and then have Chris Jericho shock the world and retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge may get another opportunity but who knows.

Scenario number two, would be Jericho getting back at Edge up until Wrestlemania almost making it even. We see a great match and Edge comes out victorious as the NEW champ. Exhausted Edge celebrates and then The Money In the Bank Winner cashes his contract in.

Now whoever this Man maybe (couugh cough Christian) they are going to become champion. Edge has showed you twice in a row what he did with the briefcase as did CM Punk. So you do the math who will be champion.

Looking at Wrestlemania, us Edgeheads will probably be disappointed as Edge will have the odds stacked against him. Maybe I'm wrong which I hope I am, I'd love to see Edge the new champ no doubt about it.

So in conclusion Wrestlemania is shaping up to be exciting, with all these great matches. Including Taker/HBK and the MITB match it should be quite a spectacle.

As a certified EDGEHEAD i say to thee Jerichohalics and Peeps. We'll be waitng....