Tony Has The Last Word!!

Tom MarquisContributor IMarch 6, 2010

I'm teaching fools some basic rules.....I pity the fool...Ok ....

So let the Pecking begin...If you doubt the La Russa well then you dont much about baseball and you sure as heck dont know the Cardinals. Well thats ok we all cant be perfect.

Cardinals on paper  have the best team in the N.L. Central, La Russa will be the first to step and say that "his club do things the right way, right away." Its clearly Tonys or no way in camp this year. In a interview with  Matthew Leach /

"The questions may be a little different as far as the personnel, but the issues are still the same," La Russa said. "How good is, whoever plays first, second, short, third? And that depends on the quality of the work, the quality of the talent, the quality of the commitment. They're all the same questions, so we're going at it the same way. A lot of it is dictated by how much effort you put into it. Same, same, same, same.

"You don't change because you think you've got more settled, and then all of a sudden you back off here or there. Whoever it is that's trying to win a position, whether it's a veteran, somebody like [Skip Schumaker] he's coming in here the same. He's got work to do. He's got responsibilities he's got to handle for us. The way you handle it is, we work like we did last year: hard and smart." .......

Well MR "T" I couldnt have said better myself. Tony La Russa has what it takes to bring another World Series Championship to the City with the Arch this season. We have the talent, the personal, and the drive to get us there long as Tony La Russa is t and Dave Duncan are in the Captains seat the possbilites are endless

Ok next in the Pecking order .... Cards are far from the Underdog in the  NL Central.....last October was an eye opener for the Redbirds. Be rest assurred they have their eyes wide open this season. They are ready for the Cubs,the Dodgers, and the Phillies all teams that will give us a fight this season. With just a few short monthes since what we will remember only as "Black October". Well the Cardinals have grit. All the useual suspects are back Pujols and Holliday, and the Carpenter-Wainwright rotation.

I know there is the Elephant in the room Mark McGwire's  as batting coach, but that that elephant lmap is just a conversation peice and not a true distraction. It gives the medai and bloogers like myself something to fill our article with it will be a "Non factor".

Let us also not forget that Kyle Lohse cold have a break out year as well.

Spring training game peck for today... Ok we have palyed 2 spring training games against the mets so far at the time I wrote this ...

Grapefruit League records: Mets 3-2; Cardinals 0-2.

Up next: The Cardinals try to score their first win of the spring, when they send Kyle Lohse to the mound against Marlins ace Josh Johnson TODAY at 12:05 p.m. CT. Lohse will be looking to put a frustrating 2009 behind him. The right-hander was bothered by a slew of physical maladies and scarcely pitched healthy at any point beyond the season's first month.

Being a die hard Cardinal I would love to see us win every game. I would also love to see Albert and Matt crack one every game. But as someone has said, " It is not in the Cards. " There is that comment again. Like the Revd says, we as Cardinals do not look at Sprimg Training to come out with victories, but get players their reps to see what they need to work on. Some pitching has been good over the first couple of games and we have been hit pretty hard by the Mets. Not to worry. We have Lohse tomorrow and Waino and Carp to see yet and others to follow. GO CARDS on what we know will be a great season....


Matthew Leach / reported

The Cardinals agreed to terms on contracts Thursday with all 24 of their pre-arbitration players. That means that every player on the 40-man roster was under contract by the start of the first Grapefruit League game.

Pitchers Mitchell Boggs, Jaime Garcia, Blake Hawksworth, Ben Jukich, Josh Kinney, Kyle McClellan, Jason Motte, Tyler Norrick, Adam Ottavino, Francisco Samuel and P.J. Walters; catchers Bryan Anderson and Matt Pagnozzi; infielders David Freese, Tyler Greene, Mark Hamilton and Brendan Ryan; and outfielders Allen Craig, Jon Jay, Daryl Jones, Joe Mather, Colby Rasmus, Shane Robinson and Nick Stavinoha all agreed to one-year deals for the 2010 season. 

It's Miller time down on the farm..... Thats right I am talking about the hard throwing stud form Texas Shelby Miller....Keep your eyes on this guy we will be seeing alot of him in the near future. If Miller pitches particularly well and progresses up the ladder as would be normal with a top prospect, we may be watching Spring Training two years from now to see if he shows enough to make the rotation. Any thought of him pitching in the majors prior to that is probably premature. In 2013 he would still be only 22 years old. That would, coincidentally or not, be the year after Carpenter's final option year, and the last option year for Wainwright, unless their contracts are extended before then. Pretty big shoes to fill, so it would be nice to see one or both of those veterans back in the fold to take some of the pressure off the kid. Let's just hope he stays healthy and learns what he needs to learn to be a legitimate big league pitcher. Go Cards!


Well thanks for stoping by and being apart of the Pecking order