Notre Dame Football: Irish Swing CB Marlon Pollard

The Rock NDNation.comSenior Analyst IJuly 7, 2008

The four-star UCLA commitment switched his allegiance to Notre Dame on Monday.

Here's what Pollard said about his trip to South Bend: “I was amazed.... I expected it to be a great campus and everything.  When you get there it’s a completely different feeling.  The people, not just the students but the administrators too, everyone is just real down to earth.  It’s all people like me, very focused people.”

Pollard was named an O-D All-American and will play in the 2009 O-D All-American Bowl.  He's the tenth Irish Commitment so far.




Cajon (CA) San Bernardino

Ht: 6'1"

Wt: 160 lbs

Forty: 4.6 secs

Bench max: 205 pounds

Vertical: 38 inches

GPA: 3.5


ESPN Review of Pollard:

"He is tall, very lean but pound-for-pound a strong, explosive kid.  Quick-twitched athlete who excels at breaking on underneath balls with good initial speed and force.  Reaches top speed quickly when closing vertically and is a strong yet sound open field tackler.  Bottom line, Pollard's great initial burst and nose for the football as cornerback can't be coached; the bulk will come when he attacks a college weight training program."


Rivals Video Review of Pollard