Despite New Acquisition, It's Still Status-Quo For Sabres

Brian MazurekContributor IMarch 6, 2010

BUFFALO, NY - MARCH 05:  Raffi Torres #17  of the Buffalo Sabres skates against the Philadelphia Flyers in his first game as a Sabre at HSBC Arena  on March 5, 2010 in Buffalo, New York.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

If anyone believed that the addition of Raffi Torres from the Columbus Blue Jackets is going to turn around the Buffalo Sabres fortune, guess again.

Last night, I witnessed a typical Buffalo Sabres performance, this time a lucky 3-2 overtime victory over the overly generous Philadelphia Flyers.

While you get all giddy about an overtime victory over a very average club and the fact the Sabres now hold a one-point lead in the Northeast Division, the reality is this. If the Sabres hold onto a playoff position, let alone first place, they'll be shown exit in five games in the first round of the playoffs at best.

First off, look at last night's game. Thomas Vanek scored from corner behind the goal line as Flyers' goalie Michael Leighton got caught way out of position. A goal scorer's goal some will profess. No, a lucky break. Vanet can't score from in front of the net anymore.

With the game tied at 1-1 in the third period, our savior, Tim Connolly, had one of the worst turnovers this season and allowed Philadelphia sniper Mike Richards to score on a breakaway against Ryan Miller.

Late in the third period, the Santa Claus Flyers coughed up the puck in front of their own net and Adam Mair, the first star of the game, backhanded the game-tying goal.

Connolly then was able to remove the goat horns in the overtime as he beat Leighton on the glove hand and allowed the Sabres to escape with a 3-2 overtime win.

Was this a good game? Hardly. The Sabres had more turnovers in their own end than a Polish Bakery on Broadway. And on the offensive side, it's OK to shoot boys. The Sabres always look for that extra pass and it's down-right frustrating to fans. It never works out.

Did Buffalo throw their weight around? Ha-ha-ha. The collision of the game was Tyler Myers throwing a slight check that even had the crowd laughing as that proved to be the best hit of the night. Wasn't much to choose from. I would not have even shown that and saved the Sabres the embarassment.

But this is the Sabres' team. Playoff drive, new player in the lineup, best goalie in the world and they lack any emotion, desire of spunk.

This is a reflection of the coach and general manager. The Lindy and Darcy "horse and pony show" is getting old real quick. It's time to clean house. Lindy Ruff's act is getting quite stale...yeah he has some nice quips, but I am finding it old. Bring in someone refreshing with a knack for offensive hockey.

I'll say it. Fire Lindy and Darcy. Do it now. Can't get new players now but you can replace them!!!

They are the masterminds behind this team and if acquiring Torres is going to make a difference, there will be plenty of mid-April tee-times.

Torres, while gathering an assist on Connolly's game-winner, was non-existant and was allegedly going to bring grit and toughness. Well, after witnessing his play Friday night, it still must be on the flight from Columbus.

Being a newcomer, you'd think Torres would have that extra spunk, drive and emotion but he fit in perfectly with the rest of his teammates. Going through the motions, no desire, drive or determination. The perfect Sabre. Can you imagine the Roy, Stafford and Torres line???

But the bottom line, as I predicted, Regier is happy with his faceless and effortless team and bringing in Torres, a 19-goal scorer at Columbus, one has to wonder why on a offensive challenged team like the Blue Jackets that they'd trade their leading scorer?

But that's Buffalo. A minor change and Regier and Ruff think that they put a band-aid on the boo-boo and the fans are pleased with "a move".

But I guess I figured out why we couldn't make any other trades. The rest of the general managers are smart and don't want any of these over-paid, effortless and boring players. Would you?

We got Ryan Miller and let's hope he's the horse that can carry this circus to the Cup. He won't be getting any new help and it's safe to say that the poor worth ethics and the lack of effort on the rest of his teammates isn't going to change any time soon.