TNA: Impact React Volume Eight

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2010

Welcome welcome to the eight edition of TNA Impact React. It's your weekly source for all the news and rumors inside TNA Wrestling.

It was an insanely busy week this week with signings, firings, and everything in between. We're only a few days away from the big March 8 live Monday night iMPACT .

I did watch iMPACT this week, as I had enough time to, and it actually had some entertaining moments. The highlight of which was Desmond Wolfe turning into a Guy Ritchie character and calling the Pope, "Poop Dinero."
Now, let us hop into the news for this week!

TNA Gets A Little RVD
On Thursday morning Hulk Hogan was interviewed on the Mark Kerr morning radio show discussing TNA's move to Monday nights.
During this interview which was filmed as well, Hogan made the signature "RVD Thumb Point" pose to Jimmy Hart, who was seated next to him. This was directly after Hogan alerted Hart to the fact that TNA had signed new talent the previous evening.
This basically let the cat out of the bag that RVD would be joining TNA coming this Monday night when the firm move to Monday night begins.
If you remember back to the Jan. 4 iMPACT it was pretty much known who would be at the show, ruining TNA's chance of a surprise.
It's not known if Hogan knew he was being filmed or not and that the video would be released on Youtube that afternoon. SPIKE TV's Twitter page then all but confirmed that RVD was coming which caused TNA officials to get a little mad. Rightfully so if you ask me.
I have some problems with RVD being on TNA programming but that's a different conversation all together. If RVD is committed to wrestling then why not bring him in.
He has perhaps more name value than any other free agent in wrestling today. Just as long TNA actually uses him more than once (Jeff Hardy).

Knocked Out?
TNA has been releasing a lot of talent lately, mostly from the Knockouts division. This is worrying as the company once really pushed their women's division as they were the highest rated segment on iMPACT every week.
Over the past few weeks we've seen Awesome Kong, Alissa Flash, and Traci Brooks leave the company. And just the other day Roxxi was released.
That means TNA has released three of their top wrestlers in the women's division. Two of which, Kong and Flash are among the best women wrestlers in the world. Roxxi is no slouch herself.
Brooks, while not a strong wrestler, has one hell of a look and an amazing amount of experience being a manager and valet.
The reason given for Brooks' release is that TNA simply had nothing for her. This is a line we hear quite often in wrestling.
If you ask me I could come up with quite a few things for Brooks to do. Why not have her manage Hernandez and Morgan or Generation Me? Neither teams are strong talkers, though Matt Morgan has gotten better with time.
With the Knockout division bleeding like a sieve where does it end? With limited space on an incredibly bloated roster, where do TNA's women go from here?
Not to mention those left aren't exactly the best wrestlers. While a Hamada or Sarita can tear it up, Lacey Von Erich is like the second coming of Jenna Morasca.
With all these problems, if you're a women's wrestling fan I cannot urge you enough to check out SHIMMER. It's where many Diva's and Knockouts got their start.
Some still wrestle there. It's a small company based in Chicago that releases a few DVD's a year. Look them up and get your women's wrestling fix.

Sean Morley Already Gone
As I reported on Friday, Sean Morley has left TNA. It wasn't known if he was released or simply quit, but at any rate he's heading to Mexico.
Morley originally wanted to work for both TNA and CMLL but with TNA moving to Monday nights he didn't feel comfortable staying out without a solid program for him to be in.
Morely will be missed by me even though he didn't do much for the company. He's a hell of a wrestler, a fantastic promo, and very underrated at both of those.
Morley could have hooked up with AJ and Flair but sadly TNA botched it from the start trying to make him Val Venis the sequel.

TNA Name Change?
Apparently some in TNA feel that the company's name should be changed. However Dixie Carter does not agree with this.
When the name TNA first came up, it was Vince Russo wanting to be as edgy as possible. Now with TNA moving to Monday night and getting more attention than ever, does the name work?
Don't expect it to be changed, though. It's already been around for eight years and is established in the wrestling world.

It's Just Too Big
Now that I've covered the main news of the week I want to take the time and give my opinion on the TNA roster as a whole.
For years you could easily make the argument that TNA had the most talented roster but without a doubt it was poorly managed and guys were never used properly.
It still shocks me that in eight years of operation, TNA has only had three "home grown" World Champions. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Abyss are the only men to hold TNA's top championship that didn't come from the WWF, WCW, or ECW. Though technically AJ Styles was on the WCW roster at one point, he was never a star.
TNA has always relied on talent from outside of their scouting and independent signings to carry the load. Men like Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Christian, and Sting were world champions while younger and more talented men were held down to the mid card or worse.
When TNA does give the younger guys a shot, it's always too late. Instead of putting the belt on Samoa Joe when he was the hottest talent in the company, they had him start losing and didn't give him the belt until a while later when he cooled off. His title run was somewhat of a letdown.
But let's not dwell about the past, instead we'll jump forward to today. When TNA had it's biggest iMPACT ever on Jan. 4 of this year, they introduced numerous wrestlers to it's rosters. Some have already left the company and some haven't been seen since.
TNA currently has a lot of wrestlers under contract but we don't see many of them. Lots of them are incredibly talented but instead of focusing equally on multiple portions of the company, TNA only focuses on the main event.
Your theoretical under card has amazing potential with the likes of Generation Me, The Motor City Machine Guns, Consequences Creed, and Amazing Red. Instead of building for the future, TNA is going backwards and pushing all of it's attention on aging stars who are spotlight hogs.
It's impossible to say other wise. Any time a new talent breaks through, TNA decides they aren't ready and will do whatever possible to push them further under it's heel. Men like Desmond Wolfe, Christopher Daniels, and Jay Lethal have paid their dues for years and deserve a shot at the top.
Christopher Daniels and Desmond Wolfe especially are some of the best in the business period. When Desmond Wolfe is on, and he's rarely off, he's hard to touch.
My biggest grip is Abyss. He's one in a billion. The best big man to come along since The Undertaker. They started Abyss as a complete psychopathic monster with a sociopath as a manager. It was perfect. He captured the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (albeit by convoluted means) but he was set to be the top guy finally.
Then slowly but surely, Abyss turned into a caricature of himself. He went "crazy" and was involved in a feud with Sting that went nowhere.
These days he's the odd man out in drama between Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles. It looks like any shot of TNA really using Abyss as he should has left.
And that's what it really boils down to, missed opportunities and refusals of evolution. TNA needs to get its act together as they move to Monday nights up against RAW. My suggestion is, ask SPIKE for an hour on Saturday nights.
Make it a show entirely about your tag teams, X Division, and women wrestlers. Give them a showcase so they can get on TV and gain popularity with the fans.

Closing For The Week
That's it everyone for this week's edition of Impact React. Tune in on Monday night as the wrestling wars begin again and enjoy having more than one option if what you watch ends up being bad.
Keep your thumb on that remote control. Have a great week, everyone, and I'll see you back here next weekend for another round up of all the news and rumors in TNA Wrestling!