Sinking Rock Star; The Sad and Confusing State Of John Morrison

robCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2010

Greetings fellow wrestling fanatics...

Let me start off by saying I'm normally a very positive, patient, and rational wrestling fan. I am never one to complain, and usually take whatever WWE gives me in stride. I don't ask for much.

Honestly, what is bothering me is there are currently a bunch of professional wrestlers in the WWE that are nowhere near where I expected them to be at this point. Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and The Hart Dynasty are a few that come to mind. Even Ted DiBiase's push has seemingly taken forever to get going.

The one guy who's current situation completely blows my mind, is John Morrison. I'm a big fan of JoMo. All the way back to his days as Johnny Nitro, it wasn't hard to see he was special. He had a great look, and fantastic ability. Even as a member of the tag teams "MNM", and "Miz and Morrison" he was always the one who shined.

After years of great matches with the likes of Jeff Hardy and CM Punk, and multiple reigns as a tag team champion and Intercontinental champion, it seemed as if John Morrison was destined to become a WWE champion and achieve superstardom.

In my eyes, everything had seemed to be right on track for him through most of 2009. After becoming a singles competitor, he was drafted to Smackdown and quickly became one of the top stars of the show. I went to a Smackdown taping in August, and only Jeff Hardy received a bigger ovation than John did that night.

After an absolute classic bout with Rey Mysterio in September, Morrison had won another Intercontinental championship. He held the title for several months before dropping it to Drew McIntyre at the TLC pay per view in December. I, amongst other fans thought this move was to free JoMo up for a world title push. Boy were we wrong.

Since losing the IC title to McIntyre late in 09, nothing has gone right for the "Friday Night Delight". In a company ruled by aging veterans, he was looked at as one of the elite youngsters who would undoubtedly carry this company into the future, and begin to cement his legacy as a top star immediately.

 The first missed opportunity was the 2010 Royal Rumble. What better way to jumpstart a main event career, than to win the one match that has created more stars than any other in history? Not only did Morrison not win the event, but he wasn't even advertised as being in it. His 11 minutes and zero eliminations were hardly anything to get excited about either.

Since the Rumble, his booking on Friday Night Smackdown has been a little confusing. One thing in particular I have found a little strange is this on again, off again ankle injury. What exactly is the purpose of this? In the weeks leading up to the Elimination Chamber pay per view, Morrison repeatedly forfeited matches due to inability to complete them. Why was this happening? Would it all come together at the pay per view? Would we get answers? Nope. So there we have another missed opportunity. In a match where some fans thought this could be the night John wins his first world title, he once again became hobbled during the match, and was eliminated rather easily.

The most recent turn of events is now Mr. Morrison seems to be in a tag team again, with R-Truth!! Why I ask. Why? With Wrestlemania on the horizon, and the annual Money in the Bank ladder match being one of the shows most anticipated matches, maybe this is the opportunity they were waiting for. JoMo has an abundance of ladder match experience, and had an unbelievable showing in this particular contest at Wrestlemania 24. We all know that Money in the Bank is maybe the best match WWE has to catapult a young star to the next level, it seems like a perfect fit right? Sorry guys, my man Morrison lost his qualifying match, and will not be competing in this years contest.

He instead will be competing in a unified tag team championship match with R-Truth, against Show-Miz. Some may say, getting any kind of a championship match at Wrestlemania should be a good thing. Well, this very match was pre-empted last year at Wrestlemania 25, for of all things Kid Rock's performance. That is how highly WWE regards the tag team titles. This will be the least anticipated match of the night for almost everyone.

Yes my friends, WWE did just release a dvd about Morrison. Normally that would mean things are going great for a wrestler. To me, it just makes everything that much more confusing. Why are they releasing a dvd about a wrestler they are currently burying? Your guess is a good as mine. I'd also like to know why Shawn Michaels has his 5th or 6th dvd coming out this Tuesday, when legends like Chris Jericho, Christian and Randy Orton do not have even one. But that's a different argument for a different article.

I am truly confused by the path the John Morrison story has taken, and I wonder what any of your feelings are regarding this matter. What can be the reasoning behind the strange and lackluster booking of JoMo's career at this point? Do I just need to be more patient? Will it ever happen? Am I overreacting? Is there someone else you think deserves a main event push more than John? Tell me what you think. Thank you and take care.