My NCAA Dictionary for the NCAA Tournament (with Some Picks!)

Quentin HaynesContributor IMarch 6, 2010

NASHVILLE, TN - FEBRUARY 20: Eric Bledsoe #24 of the Kentucky Wildcats falls while being defended by Jeffery Taylor #44 of the Vanderbilt Commodores at Memorial Gymnasium on February 20, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. Kentucky defeated Vanderbilt 58-56. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Right now, there are many teams looking to fight into the NCAA Tournament. With at least 80 good teams, only 65 teams will be selected. Out of all these teams: I will give you a redefinition or terms you will here and what teams best fit the description. (Note, I'm using the seeding and teams from

Cinderella- Cinderellas are teams who probably underachieved during the season and drop two or three seeding in the past two or three weeks. The team is usually talented and could make a unexpecting run towards a sweet 16 run (Example: Arizona 2009)

My Team for this year? Illinois. The Fighting Illini have a lot of talent. D.J. Richardson is gonna be a great asset come march. Mike Davis is playing well, Demetri McCamey is passing well, and this team is somewhat deep. Depending on what bracket they get, I expect this team to maybe push into the second week.


Sleeper- That team. Sleeper teams are teams almost everyone has little or no support for. You know there good but cannot by into the team because they failed you or showed a flaw that can be attacked during the tournament. (Example: Michigan State)

My Team for this year? Vanderbilt. I wanted to pick UTEP for this but I love this Vanderbilt team. A.J. Ogilvy is a solid big man that can have some good games in the tournament. Jeffery Taylor is a long wing that can cause mismatches. John Jenkins and Jermaine Beal are two guards that might be able to create problems because of their difference ways to score.


Overachiever-Buddy pick them to go to the final four as that "sexy pick" but you know it's smoke and mirrors. Maybe the sweet 16 but you know that might be in doubt. (Example: Wake Forest)

My Team for this year? OHIO STATE! People don't listen to me but- this team is not that great. I have seen them play five times (all against ranked opponents) and they have flaws. They only play six guys: What if you beat the main line? Ohio State could be a elite eight team but I say the latter.


Scare-That team you pick to go to win it all? go to the final four? They just had a 70-69 game with a 10 seed. This team always allows teams back into games. (Example: Pittsburgh)

My Team this year? Texas. Texas has all that talent but their looking towards the NBA. If this team will look towards winning because of the burnt orange? Someone will be ripping up there bracket because Texas will allow a team right back into the game.


Lock- Just put this team in the final four, there most then likely going to be one of the last eight teams there and will have the best shot to win it.

My team this year? Syracuse. The Cuse not only have the best players but they have the zone defense. The zone alone (see that clever little rhyme there?) could push Syracuse in the sweet 16. Kris Joseph, Wesley Johnson, Andy Rautins and company will be looking to give Jimmy B another National Championship.


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