Aaron Kampman Would Be a Smart Pick-Up for the Philadelphia Eagles

Joe MintzerCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2017

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Why do the Eagles refuse to sign big names? Why do they insist on saving every cent they can?

Two very talented unrestricted free agents were available who could have helped the Eagles greatly. Defensive end Julius Peppers would have been a great compliment to Trent Cole, and safety Antrel Rolle would have filled a major void at safety. Did the Eagles make a move? No, they did not. Peppers was picked up by the Bears, while Rolle signed with the Eagles' NFC East rivals, the New York Giants.

So now the Eagles are in a difficult situation. The Birds have some major holes on the defensive side of the ball. The free safety position is a crapshoot, they have no real threat on the left side of the defensive line, and none of their linebackers can cover tight ends. They also need a running back to compliment LeSean McCoy.

So those are four major needs for the Eagles. They do still have time to sign free agents, but they have not shown interest in any player. It appears that they will attempt to fix these problems via the draft. There are many possible players the Eagles could target in the first round such as linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, defensive end Carlos Dunlap, and safety Taylor Mays.

But even if the Eagles have a great draft, it will take their rookies time to learn from their mistakes and catch up to the speed on NFL football. The Eagles cannot expect to solve all their problems by drafting. They have to sign some veterans. They have money but refuse to spend it.

There is one guy who would be a gamble but could really help the Eagles. That guy is defensive end Aaron Kampman. Last year Kampman struggled when the Packers switched to the 3-4 defensive scheme. He was forced to play linebacker, which is not his natural position. He also tore his ACL and was sidelined for seven weeks of the 2009-10 NFL season. It is difficult to say if he will be the same player he was in 2008, as injuries can often change a career for the worse.

When choosing his team, the Eagles have to be an attractive option. He would be playing for a contender who went 11-5 the past season. He would also have the opportunity to play opposite pro-bowl defensive end Trent Cole. Cole is a force already. The addition of Kampman would help both of these defensive lineman.

Signing Kampman would help the Eagles not only on the defensive line, but in the draft. By signing him, the Eagles could focus more on their other needs. They could focus on the linebacker position which, in my opinion, is their biggest need. The best linebacker available, Sean Weatherspoon, will likely be available when the Eagles are on the clock. They could draft him without having to worry about the defensive line.

This move is a bit risky, but the positives outweigh the negatives. If the Eagles make a move, this is the one they should make. Seeing Kampman in midnight green would be great. It is time for the Birds to step up and make this happen.