Wrestlemania Main Event Matches- The Good The Bad and The Ugly!

sam gContributor IMarch 6, 2010

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It’s that time of the year again! A time when every pro wrestling fan begins to have goosebumps all over the place. Yes, we’re just a few short weeks away from the 25th anniversary (yes, this year is the actual 25th anniversary, last year was the 25th edition) of Wrestlemania!

My first Wrestlemania was Wrestlemania 18, so this year will be the nineth time I’ll be witnessing the biggest spectacle in soprts entertainment history. Yes, the grandaddy of ‘em all is almost upon us. I was having a look at all the Wrestlemanias tha I have seen, and one thing that seemed really odd was the fact that even though more often than not WWE puts on a great spectacle year after year, the main event matches mostly fail to impress. In addition to that the main event matches are really predictable most of the times. So, I’ve decided have a trip down memory lane and look at the main events from Wrestlemania 18 right upto last year’s Wrestlemania. We’ll look back at what actually transpired and what I think should have happened in some cases. So first of all, let’s have a look at the list of all the main event matches since Wrestlemania 18:

Wrestlemania Main Events since 2002

Year       WHC                                                              WWE Championship

2002                                                                               Y2J vs HHH

2003       HHH vs Booker T                                                       Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar

2004       HHH vs HBK vs Chris Benoit                                  Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle

2005       HHH vs Batista                                           JBL vs John Cena

2006       Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio      John Cena vs HHH

2007       Batista vs The Undertaker                                    John Cena vs HBK

2008       Edge vs The Undertaker                                    Randy Orton vs HHH vs John Cena

2009       Edge vs John Cena vs Big Show         HHH vs Randy Orton

2010       Y2J vs Edge                                                Batista vs John cena


Wrestlemania 2002:

Y2J vs HHH:

A returning HHH triumhps over Y2J to become the Undisputed WWE champion. Nice Match, but a very very predictable finish.


Wrestlemania 19:

Easily my favourite Wrestlemania of all time. The main events were awesome. HH vs Booker T was done very well, although the finish kinda sucked. Booker should have walked away the World champion. Lesnar vs Angle remains the best Wrestlemania main event for me. The rivalry was just awesome and the two put on an amazing “wrestling” match.


Wrestlemania 20

Good, but something that could have been done in a much better way. Eddie vs Angle and Benoit vs HHH vs HBK were good bouts, but nothing compared to what these guys were capable of doing. Infact the return matches, at Summerslam and Backlash respectively, were much better than the original bouts. Again, the matches were marred by predictable endings.


Wrestlemania 21

Easily the most predictable main events took place at Wrestlemania 21. Anyone from miles away could have seen JBL and HHH dropping the belts to Cena and Batista respectively. I think the better idea would have been to have Cena lose his bout to JBL and then win the title in the return match at judgment day.


Wrestlemania 22

This one left a bad taste in my mouth. Not because I was not in favour of Mysterio winning the world title, but because of the way it was done. I strongly believe that the late great Eddie Guerreo’s name and character should not have been used in order to propell Mysterio to the world title and I hated Randy Orton for trying to draw cheap heat by disrespecting Eddie. Anyways, the WHC match was just too short for my liking and again the Royal Rumble winner prevailed to win the match. The big surprise of the night however, came later on, when Cena made HHH tap after an epic battle.


Wrestlemania 23

Let’s face it, no matter who you put against the Deadman at Wrestlemania, the man from the dark side is always gonna triumph. Batista stood no chance in hell! Later in the night, I felt like throwing up when I saw HBK tapping out to John Cena in a match where HBK should have walked away with the WWE title. The storyline was perfect for HBK to have another title run and it would have helped in making Cena look like less “Superhuman” and more like a legit wrestler.


Wrestlemania 24

Ok. After a very long time, Edge emerged as one of the very few men who really looked like a legitemate threat to the deadma’s streak. Although that didn’t actually haapen, the match in itself was fantasic. The WWE title match was a shocker. Surprise Surprise: The Rumble winner failed to win the title after Wrestlemania 2000 and that man being John Cena added fuel to fire in the shock element. Orton was made to look like a weak champion during the build up to the fued, but eventually prevailed.   


Wrestlemania 25

When you have crappy storylines and a poor build up to the WWE championship match and when you are expecting Edge to carry John Cena and Big Show in a three way dance, what is it that you pray to God does not transpire right before such a match? HBK vs The Undertaker is the answer! The creative team didn’t do themselves any favours when they came up with such a poor storyline which had Edge and The Big Show fueding ove Vicky Guerreo’s love and the fact that this match took place right after HBK-Undertaker didn’t help these guys either. The match itself was mediocre at best. On the contrary HHH-RKO match was built really nicely, however the match itself turned out to be disappointing and that sucked big time. Orton took the title from HHH bt Backlash but it should have happened at Wrestlemania itself as it would have established him as a bigger heel.


Wrestlemania 26

And here we are! Wrestlemania 26. I’m praying to God that Y2J somehow manages to keep his title. Edge will become the champion for sure, but that should be done at a later event. A loss for Edge will only strengthen the storyline and will bring some frenshness as these two have barely crossed pathe during their tenures in the WWE. I’m still shocked that the Cena-Batista match has become a WWE title match. I was really hoping that HBK-Undertaker match would finish this years Wrestlemania with the WHC/WWE title on the line. Anyways, Edge-Y2j match should be a classic and Cena-Batista? Well, let’s just say that Batista going in this match as a monster heel might just save it from being a complete disaster. But we all know that Super Cena will end Wrestlemania a 9 time champion!


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