Is Ben Rothlisberger Indeed a Rapist? Crime Or Coincidence.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2010

According to the Associated Press Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is being investigated in an allegation of sexual assault at a Georgia nightclub, police said Friday.

Officers said the alleged assault occurred early Friday morning in Milledgeville, about 85 miles southeast of Atlanta. The player owns a home about 30 miles to the north on Oconee Lake.

The two-time Super Bowl champion and some of his friends were seen visiting local restaurants and bars Thursday night. Roethlisberger turned 28 on Tuesday.

This is the second time within a two and a half year period. It gets to the point where one has to wonder is Ben Rothlisberger a rapist?

I'd hate to believe that being a closet Steelers fan, but the chances of a person being accused of rape twice within a two year period and being innocent of both is slim to none.

The first time this unfortunate scenario played out, Ben made out for a high profile athlete as far as the media was concerned it was barely publicized. Compared to the Kobe incident it was more like a high school rumor then a pending sex crime allegation.

This time Ben might not get so lucky, for the Pittsburg's sake lets hope the Super Bowl Star Steeler didn't in fact steal her no pun intended.