Grrr, The Rock Is Not A "Sell Out"

Blair T-BContributor IMarch 5, 2010

LONDON - APRIL 22:  American actor 'The Rock' attends a photocall for the movie 'The Scorpion King' at the Dorchester Hotel on April 22, 2002 in London. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)
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Hello people of Bleacher Report. I'm annoyed, here's why. My last article i alluded to the fact that some writers do some very good work, yet never get their credit or at least decent attention from the Wrestling Community. Anyway, when somebody writes a completely average article about something attention seeking and their article gets over 1000 views, then they do a part 2 that adds minimal content that gets more views and boost their rank even more. Now that i got what was on a part of my mind on article, heres the other part, and it's my rebuttal to the Rock is a "Sell Out" Argument.

The Rock was a wrestler between 1996 to 2003 with part time appearances in 2004. Rocky was very popular having become a 9 time world champion, 2 intercontinental reigns, 5 tag team championships, Royal Rumble winner of 2000 and the third youngest World Champion. Anyway, The Rock had many great feuds and eventually "left" the WWE as an active wrestler in 2003.

"left" is a very interesting word. The Rock didn't resign with the WWE, and he moved on to the movie industry. Now, I didn't know that when you want to move on to something different or when you don't resign to the same company you are a "Sell Out"

When Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, HHH, Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Mick Foley left there respective companies, where they labelled sell outs? Maybe inside their own companies they were, but for us as fans, since we could still watch them maybe they aren't so much sell outs? How many of us as fans would dare to call at least HBK, HHH, Stone Cold, Jericho and Mick Foley "Sell Outs"?

So "Sell Outs" must be a point of view from somebody right? We have about two groups(generally) who can judge him, the company and the fans.

Vince McMahon is always willing to work with Rocky (or Dwayne) even after his retirement from the ring, this must mean that the company doesn't consider him a sell out. Especially if Dwayne was offered the Raw Guest Host role.

So if the company feels like Dwayne isn't a sell out, why does the fan decide that he's a sell out. If the fan had his way, The Rock would sign a lifetime contract that would only expire if Rocky's seriously injured or dying. The Rock went of to do the Scorpion King, came back and wrestled and the crowd after it's initial cheering turned into jeering because they labelled Rock a sell out. This would lead to his heel turn of 2003, but Dwayne felt pretty back stabbed that the WWE audience would react like this.

I'm not usually a fan of using work that could be considered kayfabe, but his line "The Rock, he just worked his ass off, wanted to be successful", he has said that this was actually how Dwayne felt.

Surely The Rock can look at life after wrestling, but some of the fans expect him to continue wrestling into his 40's or until he gets seriously injured, that's pretty silly. What if to him, Life after wrestling comes around 10 years earlier than most wrestling legends?

The Rock had gotten everything out of his profession, he was a legend, carried a billion dollar brand, surely Rocky can go off and do what he wants to do. Surely The Rock shouldn't become some domesticated slave, forever staying in a job he wants to move on from because his "fans" can't handle the fact that he's done his dash and he wants to go do something out. Surely he is allowed to use the mainstream exposure he has earned giving his all for the industry to become whatever he wants. Dwayne Johnson wanted to become an Actor, a profession that he can earn more, work less and be safer than if he was still a wrestler.

Lets look at it from a perspective of us, the fans, say if you got a job and you got very good at it, than you move to go do something different because you want new challenges, would that make you a "Sell Out"? If somebody worked at McDonalds than moved to KFC, would that make them a "Sell Out"

What makes you a "sell out" anyway?

A point of view from a pathetic "fan" who wants the attitude era to return, and finds that the most able one to be able to bring it back doesn't want a piece of it.

Is it a point of view from a fan who can't let go of The Rock.

I would love to know, but there is one guys opinion I'd really like to know.

This is the part where i usually say thank you and please leave any comments, and that still applies. Everybody are entitled to their opinions but I'm offering a dare to John Betschel you have debated none of my comments I left on both of your articles. John, I dare you to comment on my article, go ahead please, give me some of your wisdom, Just Bring It.