No Olympics This Week, How Did Impact Do?

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2010

Last night's TNA Impact scored a 1.14 cable rating (1.26 first hour, 1.02 second hour) with 1.5 million viewers. The show peaked with the first quarter-hour with a 1.31 and dropped from there. The final quarter-hour only drew a .93 rating.


OUCH! The final spot on the show, you know, the main event of the show, didn't even get a .93 rating? Last week, I could understand, the Olympics were on and some people enjoy the Winter Games. However, outside of NBA basketball, there was nothing to watch. And it's not a good sign for the show to start off good and the viewers just go away. You want people to get excited about the show, tell their friends, and watch the ratings grow as the show goes on.

Again, I did not watch the show. I got it on DVR and sometime before Monday, I'll try to catch the past couple of Impacts. Reading the spoilers, I just wasn't really interested in the show. And that could be a huge problem. It's hard not to read a spoiler and if the show isn't stacked, it's hard to watch the program when it is on. Smackdown has the same problem, but luckily, the show is pretty packed. Had Raw shows been taped, I might actually not watch it.

What's going to be key is to watch the ratings and compare Impact to the taped versus live shows. There is something about watching a live show that makes it exciting. Maybe it's just me.

Either way, not a good sign. TNA needed a good audience to take with them to Monday nights. As I stated before, who knows how many people watch Impact and Raw. Some will still say that Impact will be ok as their first Monday show got decent numbers. But the thing is, outside of the big names, Impact on Thursday was getting the average 1.2 rating and had actually spiked after that Monday show. Now, the viewers are turning off and that's not a good sign.

I expect this upcoming Monday night show to still get decent ratings. However, if they continue to put on the same show they did over the past weeks, in which the ratings have dipped down, after the first couple of Monday shows, who knows what kind of ratings Impact will get. Monday is the night for wrestling, but what Eric and many others forget, the missing 2-4 million people that used to watch wrestling do not care about it anymore. They grew up, got sick of the BS they saw, or missed their favorites and just do not watch the program anymore. It's do or die for TNA and I don't expect TNA to realistically die like some people do, how long will they stay on that Monday time spot if they continue to pull hardly a one rating?