Tim Sylvia's Chance to Win Over America

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJuly 7, 2008

Let's face it. If you were to name the top 10 most exciting heavyweights to watch, Tim Sylvia would not be on anyone's list. (Unless you are one of the five Sylvia fans in the world.)

I am not a Tim Sylvia fan, so this is in no way me ranting and raving about my favorite fighter.

Saturday, July 19 could finally be Tim's chance to prove that he should be considered one of the world's top heavyweights.

Actually, he has quite an impressive list of victories over some great opponents: Ben Rothwell, Jason Lambert, Mike Whitehead, Wesley Corriera, Ricco Rodriguez, Gan McGee, Andrei Arlovski (2), Jeff Monson, Brandon Vera.

Any fighter would be lucky to beat just a few of these guys, but to beat all of them is quite a feat. And still he has yet to earn the fans' respect.

As everyone is aware, Tim is facing Fedor on July 19. Yes, Fedor, the guy who has just one loss to his name, a loss that was due to a cut. The same guy who has won most of his fights by submission. (NOTE: Three of Sylvia's four losses have come from submission.)

Most are convinced that Fedor is in fact the most dominant heavyweight ever, if not the most talented fighter ever. I will say his Sambo videos on YouTube are quite impressive.

Most predict Fedor will beat Tim by submission, which is a very safe bet. But what would happen if Tim were to win?

This could be the biggest thing ever for Tim, if he can show up and become the old Tim Sylvia who not only wins, but finishes the fight. Tim could finally be recognized as one of the world's top fighters. He is only one of two people to hold the heavyweight belt more than once. The other is considered one of the top heavyweights in the world.

Now, I do not think Sylvia will win on the 19th, but all it takes is one well-placed punch, and he has done it before. Not to mention, he has a great height advantage as he stands at 6'8'' (Fedor at 6'). He also has a great reach advantage over him, which could come in handy with his knockout power.

Tim started his MMA career at 15-0, with only two, yes two, going to decision. It is hard to believe by his performance these days.

These days Tim is the reason for the nickname "The Point Pirate" and the phrase "fighting not to lose, not to win."

Like I said, I am not a Sylvia supporter. But fans should finally give him the respect I believe he deserves if he were to win in a deciding manner.